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We cannot stress the importance of having patch tests enough.

The picture here is of a tint reaction a young lady had to a lash and brow tint. (Luckily not in Mooeys)

Patch tests are non-negotiable with us as we don’t want you to have a reaction like this.

Please book your patch test at least 48 hours before having your treatment. No walk ins!

We recommend 2-3 weeks between infills whether you have overlays or extensions to maintain your nails integrity.

After 3 infills we also recommend a take off and redo so we can check your nail health.
This helps prevent against onycholysis and fungal infections.

Please arrive a few minutes early to ensure you receive the full duration of your treatment.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, we kindly ask for at least 24 hours’ notice. This allows us to offer the time slot to another client. Late cancellations or no-shows will be charged the full price.

We will always try to accommodate you if you’re late, but please note this may not always be possible as we run a tight ship.

Our salons are very busy and if we can do your treatment, we will.

We may be able to offer you an alternative treatment with the time we have left, however if we can’t, then you will be charged for your appointment as it’s time taken out of our business, revenue lost and our Moos still need to be paid.

Patch tests are super important as every salon uses different products and we would hate for you to have a reaction. We won’t carry out any tinting, brow lamination or lash lifting service without them, so please make sure you book in as we cannot always accomodate walk-ins.

Every service-based business needs to protect itself against clients not showing up for appointments due to the impact it has on us.

How would you feel if you turned up to work and your boss just said sorry I can’t pay you today so you can go home? It’s the same for us, we are running a business and need to ensure our time is paid for.
We charge for the full cost of a missed appointment where no cancellation notice was received. Our T&C’s can be found within our salon booking system or on our website HERE

If you wish to rebook but didn’t show up for a previous appointment, we require a 50% deposit for future appointments.

New clients will be charged a 50% deposit, then all further treatments will be between £1 and £5 depending on the value of the service.
For all regular clients, the deposit is the standard £1 – £5 depending on the value of the service you have booked.

We charge for the full cost of a missed appointment where no cancellation notice was received. Our T&C’s can be found within our salon booking system or on our website HERE

We love pampering people of all ages, however we have certain guidelines to ensure we are providing the most professional, and ethical service.

  • We will not apply gel nails on anyone under the age of 16. This includes gel polish, builder gels or gel extensions.
  • We will not carry out Intimate waxing services on anyone under the age of 18
  • A parent or guardian must be present for anyone under the age of 14
  • We will carry out waxing on anyone over the age of 13
  • A parent must be present for the entire time at all children’s parties. We cannot provide childcare as well as deliver the nail services booked.
  • Children are welcome in our salons but we cannot be responsible for them as we are all delivering treatments to other clients. Please do not leave children with our teams if you are going into a treatment room, they must go with you or be old enough to sit and wait responsibly for you