Hello Again, Mooeys Family! Today, we’re diving into the story of Bethan, the Assistant Manager of our Godalming salon, and a true gem in the Mooeys crown. She’s not just a therapist; she’s a beacon of beauty, both inside and out, and her passion for perfection makes her a standout.

Bethan’s Magic Touch: Talking about Bethan, you think of someone who doesn’t just do her job, but elevates it. Her eye for detail, her unwavering commitment to service, and her drive for perfection are what make her an exceptional therapist. She brings a wealth of experience and a set of values to Mooeys that are simply irreplaceable. We hit the jackpot when Bethan joined our team.

Gigi’s Glowing Words for Bethan: When Gigi, Bethan’s manager, speaks about her, it’s with a tone of deep admiration and respect. She describes Bethan as the perfect example of professionalism. From her friendly attitude to her unwavering sense of responsibility and reliability, Bethan commits 100% to everything she touches. Gigi has watched her grow tremendously over the past two years and is eagerly anticipating Bethan’s upcoming management training. Gigi firmly believes that this step will further enhance Bethan’s role and capabilities.

Looking Forward to Bethan’s Future: The excitement in Gigi’s voice is evident when she talks about Bethan’s future with Mooeys, especially her upcoming management training. Gigi believes wholeheartedly that this training will unlock even more of Bethan’s potential and deepen her engagement in her role. It’s clear that Bethan isn’t just fulfilling a position; she’s on a path to truly remarkable achievements.

Bethan: A Model of Mooeys Excellence: Bethan exemplifies what it means to be a part of Mooeys. Her commitment to excellence, her professional approach, and her ability to connect with clients and colleagues alike make her an invaluable part of the Mooeys family. She’s not just assisting in managing; she’s leading by example, showing what it means to be dedicated, respectful, and truly passionate about your work.

A Toast to Bethan: As we celebrate Bethan’s journey at Mooeys, we’re reminded of the incredible talent and heart that resides within our team. Bethan, here’s to you – for your professionalism, your growth, and the bright future ahead. You’re not just making Mooeys Godalming better; you’re making the whole Mooeys experience richer and more vibrant.

Stay tuned, everyone, as we continue to share the stories of the amazing people who make Mooeys the wonderful place it is! 🌟💖🐄

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