For those of you that have intimate waxing done on a regular basis, you’ll think nothing of being shown into the treatment room and being asked to make yourself comfortable on the treatment couch while we give you a few moments to get ready.

But do you remember your first time? Let’s pretend, hey?

So you’re a newbie to the ol’ hot pot; and you’ve just walked in to the salon and been shown into the treatment room. Then this COMPLETE STRANGER asks you to make yourself comfortable on the treatment couch and then disappears! What’s going on?!

There’s a biodegradable towel and a Moo Fresh wipe on the couch. “What the hell do I do with those?” you might be thinking.

Not in a Mooeys salon. No way.

We will firstly ask you to fill out a consultation form, to inform us of any allergies/skin conditions/mobility restrictions that you may have.

Your comfort is of the utmost importance to us, and we will always ask you if you are familiar with the treatment, and if you know the prep routine. If you do, then off you go and get ready!

But for those that aren’t so familiar, here we are:

Getting started:

  1. You’ll be asked to remove your trousers/skirt AND pants.

This makes the treatment a lot quicker and more accessible if you aren’t wearing anything on your bottom half. If you are feeling a bit shy we can provide paper pants. (Think misshapen paper G-string.)

  1. That Moo Fresh wipe on the couch? Specially formulated for a quicken freshen up and guaranteed to not irritate delicate skin. Particularly handy if you have come in straight from work or you would just like to feel fresh as a daisy for your therapist (which is always muchly appreciated)! Then just pop the towel over you when once you’re comfortable on the couch.

We will give you a few moments to prepare for your treatment in private, so you can relax and make yourself comfortable on the couch.

What’s next?

  1. So, you’re now lying on the couch, your therapist has donned her gloves and tested the temperature of the wax, prepped the skin and is ready to start.
  2. Just try and relax, and we will explain what we are doing as we go along.

An intimate wax is kind of a process, starting on one side at the top of the leg, and repeating on the other side. We ALWAYS will be using hot wax, which is kinder to this sensitive area, but requires drying time. Don’t be alarmed if we switch a standing fan on, it may wake you up a little bit (!) but it will speed up the treatment! Likewise if we spray the wax with a cooling spray, it just makes for a quicker removal, which is only a good thing! We will work on alternate sides while the other side is drying and move inwards as we go.

And those tricky areas?

When we get towards the lips, underneath and around the bum, we may ask you to hold/stretch the skin. We may also ask you to hold your knees up to your chest, or turn onto your side, or maybe both, just to make sure we are doing a thorough job, and to help make it as pain-free as we can!

We will NEVER ask you to go on all fours, as we feel it is a degrading position to be in, and we can always find another position depending on where we need to get to. Very often this part takes a matter of seconds, we can cover what we don’t need to see with the towel, and you can be assured you will be put at ease by your therapist at all times.

  1. At the end of the treatment, we may have to tweeze any stragglers that haven’t come out with the wax, but this should only be a few if any, to leave you with a completely smooth finish.
  2. As part of your Ultimate wax with us, you are offered a complimentary eyebrow tidy, lip or chin wax every time. You’re in the right place for it, so you may as well while you’re here!

I heard you can get ingrown hairs?

After care will be recommended, you can have a read of the chalk board on the wall advising you of do’s and don’ts after any waxing treatment, we can answer any questions you may have and we will leave you to apply your choice of after wax cream/oil/lotion and get dressed. You might want to give our Professional Moo range a go. Designed specifically for the post-wax areas to keep things smooth and silky and irritant-free.

How long will it take?

Your intimate waxing will take between 20 – 40mins on average, depending on how much hair you have to start with, different growth patterns and coarseness of hair. Please don’t worry, whatever combination of the above that you present us with, we will have seen it before and to be honest, nothing phases us anyway!!

Intimate Waxing Extraordinaires!

The Mooeys team are waxing specialists, our clients are constantly leaving us amazing reviews on our intimate waxing skills – in short, we are the best in the business! If you have any questions that I haven’t answered, or just want to chat with one of us in more detail if you are a bit nervous, just pop in and we will be delighted to help!

Glam-Ma Moo xxx