We welcome Breastfeeding in Mooeys Salons!

What do you think of when you think of a ‘traditional’ beauty salon? You walk in and it’s quiet, serene, whale groans are being piped throughout and therapists are wafting around with no shoes on and wearing tunics that resemble those worn by a dental nurse. You sit in a waiting area until you are called for your treatment and ushered through to a little room, with no word to anyone (sometimes not even your therapist) and you have your treatment.

No plus-ones allowed, no children, pushchairs, dogs, eating, drinking, blinking or breathing. And certainly, no screaming babies.


“I’m not a regular Salon, I’m a cool Salon!”

Not a regular salon

Now, as much as this is a typical ‘Old Skool’ view of a beauty salon, some salons like this do still exist, and that will very much suit the needs of some clients. They want to have a facial or a massage and be completely relaxed, they don’t necessarily want to talk to anyone else, and they want an hour or two of complete escapism that they have probably looked forward to for ages. And that’s fine.

So – you probably know where this is heading – Mooeys just isn’t your ‘traditional’ beauty salon! We are tip-top on service and professional treatments, we strive for sky-high standards in every respect, but we welcome all of the above to our lovely cosy salons!

At Mooeys, If your Friend/Partner/Mum/Dad/Sister/Brother/Husband/Wife wants to come and wait with you or have a mani/pedi with you that’s allowed! Conversation and bants across the salon is encouraged! A lovely cuppa char, a posh coffee or a glass of fizz – we want to make you feel at home! We really don’t mind the odd doggy too ?


The Babysitter Cancelled!

Now, if you don’t have childcare for the duration of your appointment, it’s really no problem in our salons. Toddlers in pushchairs can be accommodated easily.

If your baby is new, it may be daunting venturing out when they only a month or so old, but you’re thinking “GOD I NEED A WAX“!!! You’re desperate just to feel a little bit human again, and to see some different people and have a bit of a natter. So you make the move, book your treatment and count down the days. You’ve just about mastered a huge new routine that means just getting out of the house is like climbing Mount Everest, and you arrive at the salon feeling like you deserve a medal. Timings around feeds have been planned meticulously, the treatment couch is in sight, and then the inevitable happens – baby starts screaming for a feed! “NO!! THIS WASN’T IN THE PLAN!!”

First and foremost, please don’t worry – we will do everything possible to ensure you can safely and discreetly feed baby while you are having your treatment too. Many a time I’ve carried on waxing while a mother breastfeeds her baby… that’s multi-tasking at it’s very best! You know treatment-wise it’s now or never… but your baby is fed, and your treatment is completed no different to usual. There is no need to panic as you had planned timings meticulously to the minute.. babies make their own rules and we all just have to follow! You aren’t holding us up, just do what you need to do, we can help in any way you need us to, and we can still carry on with your treatment.

In the same vein, if you are booked for your first manicure or pedicure, we welcome to feed your baby whilst you have your treatment and we can always adapt any treatment to make you more comfortable while you do.



If you need a drink or a biscuit, as breastfeeding can be quite dehydrating and leave you starving, no problem at all. Just let us know if there is anything we can do to help. After baby has been fed, if there is a spare therapist in the salon, we will drop everything for a cuddle with your baby while you can finish your treatment!

We at Mooeys understand the importance of our clients’ wellbeing, and we want more than anything for you to feel cared for. We are proud supporters of breastfeeding (and bottle-feeding, of course) Mums. n M Nothing is too much trouble, we just want you to feel comfortable with your baby and for you to know you both are always welcome at Mooeys.


For information and support about breastfeeding, please visit the NCT website here.