Firstly – Of course you can.

During Pregnancy there is so much confusion around what you can and can’t do, so let’s clear this question up first. Pregnancy waxing is perfectly safe providing you are being waxed by a professional Therapist who knows how to wax pregnant people!

If you are new to waxing or even new to a Mooeys salon, please make a note in your booking as you must be past your first trimester.

Why is Mooeys the best salon to go to for Pregnancy Waxing?

We have something that not many do, and that’s Mooeys Professional Training.

The Mooeys company are such experts with waxing, they created a training programme to help other therapists wax better, including Pregnancy waxing and even Fertility awareness training.

The pregnancy waxing course was created by our Head Wench, Amy (the OG of Intimate waxing) alongside an awesome Midwife consultant, to ensure that the therapists have all the right information.

This means that our therapists go through in-depth training about every step of pregnancy, labour and post pregnancy so they are super equipped for any situation or scenario. We even have a section about how to tell your client if something isn’t right.

Our training covers topics such as sexual health, as well as how to deal with piercings and periods as standard, just to give you an understanding of the depth of knowledge acquired by those who’ve completed the Mooeys Master Intimate Waxing Training. So, not only do you get high-quality treatment, but you are in safe and very capable hands.

What is a Mooeys Salon experience like?

Have you ever walked into a salon and feel anxious about being judged, or worried about what therapists will say about you? Those white walls and minimalistic rooms can feel a bit like a hospital too can’t they?

A Mooeys salon is the complete opposite to this and we pride ourselves on the vibe that our salons have as they are really cosy – like being at your friend’s house for a cuppa type feel.

We have a no Judge Judy’s allowed policy (for all clients and therapists) as we want you to feel safe, cared for and feel like you can be you…because you should never feel anything other than this when you are paying for such a personal treatment.

Most of our clients and therapists are mums, we are breastfeeding friendly and we really don’t mind a screaming newborn either – we’ve all been there.

Why do we love NCT?

We tend to treat the majority of pregnant women in the areas our salons are in, and as you have probably guessed by now, we love a good chat too. We meet women at every part of their pregnancy journey and have had every type of conversation you can think of.

NCT is something that comes up a lot in our treatment rooms and the majority of our therapists have participated on a NCT course too. Our Head Wench herself has done an NCT course with her first child so has always recommended it to new mums, especially if they are new to the area. We just love everything about this smashing charity.

NCT helps you feel confident through all stages of pregnancy, birth, infant feeding, and early parenthood, offering courses and workshops that really educate which helps put your mind at ease. The best part is the connection you get with other parents who are on exactly the same journey as you. They tend to become friends for life in a lot of cases and as we are a Herd of mums, we know how important this is in pregnancy and parenthood.

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming journey, but as mother’s, we’ve got each other’s backs… and there’s always a cuppa waiting for you in Mooeys.

If you have any questions about pregnancy waxing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. There is no question we haven’t been asked.

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Lots of Love

Amy xx