Here’s to Spring and Summer being just around the corner! We can’t cope with the rain anymore, and would love a little bit of sunshine right? With sunny skies comes jazzy toes – already dreaming of what your ‘colour of the summer’ is going to be?

Glitter, neons, rainbows anything goes for summer tootsies!

Here’s what you need to know about Mooeys dry pedicures, and why we think they’re the best in the biz.

When booking a pedicure, your first thought is one of those bubbly foot spas where you can soak your feet, and have those little electric massagers work their magic on your tired soles.

Sure, it seems delightful, but after working in an industry with such a quick turn over of clients wanting fresh holiday toes, especially in the height of Summer, trust me when I say, those foot bowls are NOT clean.

Foot spas require a minimum of 10 minutes to disinfect, however you can not be 100% that the entire area of the foot bowl has been completely covered with disinfectant. I’ve seen therapists rushing between clients, and literally tipping water away and refilling the bowl. Eeeeew!

You can never be sure that there isn’t yucky, trapped water lurking in any of the jets or filters, which are just a breeding ground for bacteria such as Mycobacterium fortuitum, an organism that can only breed in damp areas such as soil and water, causing nasty infection.

The first training session when starting a career at Mooeys, is always to experience a dry pedicure. As therapists, we are usually used to the spa like treatment with the soak and scrub etc. But let me tell you, once you have experienced the treatment AND results of a dry pedi, you never look at another foot spa again.

Let’s be clear, we never go straight in without giving the feet a little freshen up before hand, however rather than being submerged in some water which may have the remnants of the previous client still floating in it, we do everything without water. We give your feet a little spritz of hand/foot sanitizer followed by our tea tree foot wipes to leave them feeling light and fresh.

So, the main reason we pay for someone to sort our trotters for us (aside from the pretty nail paint) is the hard skin. We HATE that stuff. Get rid. Get gone.

The process of soaking the feet before the hard skin removal is just a little odd. It makes the feet too soft in which you can’t properly get all the dead stuff removed, in a few days you’ll be wondering if you actually had a pedicure or just dreamt about it.

At Mooeys, we use a Micro plane foot grater (yes, it looks like a cheese grater) but it bloody works! *please note that this is a grater and not a blade*

We start by gently removing any dead skin from the heels, base of the feet and toes, followed by re visiting the areas with a foot rasp to smooth over and remove any excess.


We will continue to work on the rest of your feet, by carrying out cuticle work, then shaping and buffing your nails. We apply our soothing heated towels to clean and warm the soles of your feet, whilst the essential oils fill the room with a pleasant aroma.

Finishing off with the best part of all. THE COLOUR. You can opt for normal or gel polish (remember, glitter is always Free too), or if you prefer the natural look, we offer ‘a little treat for the feet’ which leaves the nails bare with just a little cuticle oil applied.

Not forgetting a soothing massage with some of our delicious creams for those tired trotters!

So ladies, (and gents) get yourself down to one of our salons, and be prepared to be totally converted!
Get those tootsies summer ready!