I am your animal-loving, tree-hugging, palm oil-avoiding, biodegradable phone case-owning, eco-friendly Moo!

Many people say to me – “Jade, I am surprised you aren’t vegan!” I say “Well, the cheese just isn’t right yet.” Until that day comes my friends, I am only human.

I think what took me on the route of being more eco-friendly is David Attenborough. I am sure it is the same for many people. Seeing things like deforestation devastates me. Starting on this path you are opened up to a mass of things that need to change, from animal testing to plastics in the sea to generally improving the sustainability of our everyday items.

Now I am by no means perfect at this whole thing – It’s blimmen hard! But we all have to start somewhere hey! We at Mooeys are making changes all the time to be friendlier to the planet and it’s amazing to work somewhere that care about the same things that I do.

What we do at Mooeys

Working at Mooeys for the past 3 and a half years, I have seen so many amazing changes that we are making to be more eco-friendly, from small changes to introducing paper straws into our salons to eliminating most towels in our salons.

We have recently changed over from using towels in our treatments to using a company called Scrummi. This company have created disposable, eco-friendly towels made from natural wood fibres sourced from sustainable forestry programmes.

They have been great for us in more than one way – helping us with being more environmentally friendly but also making sure that everything we use is as hygienic as possible for our clients. Scrummi has dramatically reduced our use of laundry services, which has a huge impact on the environment from the amount of water used in each cycle and with the chemicals used on those towels! With these we can throw away each and every Scrummi that is used for all of our clients knowing that in 8 weeks they biodegrade and are safe for the environment! It makes my heart so happy!

Recently, Amy (Mooeys Founder and Head Wench Moo) created our very own range of Moo products. These are packaged in Aluminium bottles and lids, chosen because Aluminium can be recycled indefinitely. There also are plastic pumps and sprays with bamboo necks that are available with them. However, to reduce the plastic used you are given one free of charge with your Moo products, but we do charge for replacements if they are lost or broken to encourage them to be reused. All of our Moo Products have been designed with the agenda to be refilled at all of our salons at a reduced price.

Something you may have noticed in our salons is that most of our furniture has been upcycled from charity shops or second-hand and then reupholstered/refurbed. We love the mix and match look! Why buy new when you can bring out more character from a previously owned item.

We hate waste and do everything we can to reuse everything that we own. We love a good charity shop trip to breathe life into something previously loved by another.

We want to hear all about the ways you’ve been improving your eco-friendly status! Share them with us on our Facebook page and keep posted for more updates on our sustainability promise for 2021.