Hey Mooeys Community! Get ready to be inspired by the story of Emma Fryer, the remarkable salon owner of Mooeys Haslemere. Emma’s journey is a tale of transition, resilience, and humour – from a dedicated nurse to our first franchisee, she’s been a beacon of strength and positivity.

A Nurse’s Heart in Business: Emma’s background in nursing, particularly in respiratory and critical care, isn’t just a career footnote; it’s the foundation of her approach to business. The kindness and caring nature that were essential in her nursing career are just as evident in how she runs Mooeys Haslemere. It’s this blend of compassion and professionalism that makes her salon a warm, welcoming place for everyone.

Taking the Leap: Becoming our first franchisee, Emma took a bold step into the world of business. Without prior experience in running her own venture, she faced a steep learning curve. Opening her salon in October 2019, just before the pandemic, she was immediately tested by unforeseen challenges.

Navigating Through the Storm: Emma’s journey through the pandemic is nothing short of remarkable. With the world in turmoil, she led her business with an unwavering dedication to survival. Her approach wasn’t just about resilience; it was laced with a unique sense of humour that kept spirits high even in the most challenging times.

The Power of Humour and Strength: What sets Emma apart is her incredible sense of humour. She’s mega funny – the kind of funny that makes a tough day feel lighter. But it’s not just laughs; Emma is patient, kind, and incredibly strong. Her dedication to the success of her business is evident in every decision she makes.

Celebrating Five Years of Success: As Emma’s business nears its five-year anniversary, it’s a time for celebration and reflection. The journey hasn’t been easy, but Emma’s resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to her strength as a business owner. She’s navigated through tough times with grace and humour, and what she has achieved is nothing short of inspiring.

A Nod to Emma’s Journey: Emma, as you look back on these five years, know that your Mooeys family is incredibly proud of you. Your journey is a reminder of what can be accomplished with heart, humour, and determination. Here’s to you, Emma – for all the laughs, the care, and the unwavering commitment to your business and the Mooeys brand.

Stay tuned, everyone, for more stories of the amazing individuals who make up our Mooeys family! 🌟💖🐄

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