Please follow the below aftercare to help us achieve the best results possible:

  • For 2 days post treatment, you must avoid hot showers, shaving, waxing and any kind of plucking in the area. Also, you need to avoid excessive sweating for a few days too, so definitely no steam or saunas.
  • Using daily SPF is super important, especially on the face, and avoid direct sunlight for up to 4 weeks.
  • Applying an after-laser moisturiser really will help keep your skin hydrating and help with soothing, calming and cooling the skin. Our MOOSKIN Soothe is brilliant for this, and designed specifically for post waxing and laser treatment – it’s ace.
  • Please don’t exfoliate for approx. a week, however exfoliating a couple of times per week will really help with your results and getting super soft skin at the same time.