Mooeys Founder, Amy Lewis talks with SalonEVO about franchising in the beauty industry and why it’s a perfect opportunity for all backgrounds.

“The freedom to open your own salon and be your own boss, while being bolstered by a recognisable brand, a strong network, and reliable infrastructure that comes along with being part of something bigger.”

This month, our founder, Amy, was called upon by Hair & Beauty Magazine, SalonEVO, to share her advice about becoming a franchise owner and what it takes to run a business.


The beauty of a franchise is that you can know nothing about running a business and still run a business! The support starts with finding premises, knowing what property to look for, the right size, what sort of signage and dealing with the legal process, as well as negotiations with the lease. All of these things that can be a headache can be streamlined.


A franchise is deemed less of a risk for banks when they are weighing upon whether to sanction a loan.


Some of our potential franchisees come to me and say, I have no idea where to start, I don’t know if I can do this, but I really want it. And that is the absolute beauty of a franchise, you coach and hold people’s hand, then see them become their own success, it’s such a powerful thing.

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Access the full article in SalonEVO UK & Ireland Issue 2 (March / April 2021) here.