As we are soon to enter the 6th week of lockdown, I understand the frustration with not being able to
have those regular appointments to keep us looking and feeling our best.
I think we can safely say we will all come out of this with a little more appreciation for those ordinary
daily/weekly/monthly things we all take for granted.

I can’t wait to get to Starbucks for a proper coffee!

My Instagram feed is constantly being filled with adverts for ‘Top 10 at home gel kits to see you through lockdown’ & ‘DIY manicures’. As much as the temptation is thrown in our face, we ask you to stay strong ladies!
Give those nails a break, keep them short and smothered in oil, we promise we will get them looking fab again in no time!

Gel polish seems like an easy to use, harmless product – surely, it’s just like painting on a nail polish, isn’t it? Well, this is the attitude that is causing problems amongst some non-professionals, as they attempt to replicate professional services at home. I’m all for DIY, but when you are using chemicals on and around the skin, correct training and knowledge is absolutely paramount.

Many professional brands have very strict criteria that can sometimes be seen as an inconvenience by some when you can only purchase their products by providing a valid certificate to confirm you are qualified within the nail/beauty industry. However this can also be a blessing, as it helps keep professional products ‘professional’ and prevents them from falling into untrained hands, where there is a plethora of possible reactions and damage you could cause to yourself. So keeping them available only to those who know how to use them safely and effectively, is honestly the best way.

All of our Moo’s have undergone several years of training in order to make us the best at what we do, learning details of hygiene, anatomy and chemical knowledge. So, for a little longer, please just keep looking after your nails. Of course paint them (we recommend normal polish only – and always apply a top & base coat), or if you can keep them natural, short and topped up cuticle oil then please do so.

We literally cannot wait to keep them beautiful again. We would hate for any of you lovely lot to do your nails any harm or damage by using products/chemicals incorrectly at home, potentially resulting in an even longer wait before we can work our Mooeys magic on them again.

We have some fab tips on the blog on how to care and properly file your nails at home for the time being.

I hope we get to see you all very soon!

Sending you all lots of love

Head Honcho Moo x