Hello, Mooeys Family! Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Jade, our dedicated Farnham branch manager, affectionately known in our community as Eco-Moo. Beyond her eco-conscious nickname, Jade is a beacon of kindness, professionalism, and unwavering dedication to her team and clients.

A Heart for Her Team and Clients: Jade’s approach to management is rooted deeply in compassion and integrity. She is not just a manager; she’s a caretaker and mentor, always going the extra mile to ensure her team feels supported and valued. Her commitment to creating a nurturing and professional environment allows every member of her team to thrive personally and professionally.

Excellence in Service and Standards: Since joining us as a therapist in 2017, Jade has continually strived for perfection in every treatment and service offered at Mooeys Farnham. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that every client leaves feeling pampered, cared for, and completely satisfied. Jade’s dedication to excellence has set a high standard that resonates throughout the salon, inspiring her team to always deliver their best.

Leadership That Inspires: Jade’s leadership style is a blend of warmth and rigor, ensuring that high standards are met with a smile and that every client’s experience is second to none. She listens actively to her team’s ideas and feedback, fostering an environment where innovation and comfort go hand in hand. This has not only made her an amazing manager but also the heart and soul of Mooeys Farnham.

The Impact of Caring Leadership: The loyalty of her clientele and the cohesion of her team are testaments to her success as a leader. Under Jade’s guidance, Mooeys Farnham has become more than just a beauty salon; it’s a community hub where clients are treated like family, and staff members grow into the best versions of themselves.

Celebrating Our Beloved Manager: Jade’s story at Mooeys is one of passion, care, and leadership. Her unwavering commitment to her team and clients makes her a cornerstone of our community. As we look forward, we’re excited to continue witnessing her positive impact and the heights she will reach with her team.

A Tribute to Jade: To Jade, for all that you do—your compassion, your dedication, and your leadership—thank you. You make Mooeys Farnham a shining example of excellence in beauty and human connection.

Keep an eye out, everyone, as we continue to spotlight the remarkable individuals who make Mooeys not just a place for beauty treatments, but a home of heartfelt service and care. 🌟💖

You can book in with Jade here