Let’s have a chat about one of the things we do best – Nails!

We get it, you’ve been coming for years to get your nails done with us, so why would you want to read a blog about it now? You’re committed, and nothing is going to get in your way of that well-earned set of shiny new nails you so look forward to every fortnight.

Well, do you really know what the difference between our nail services is?

In this blog, we wanted to talk about our overlay and infill treatments. What they include, which one is right for you and your nails, and how for us therapists, it’s a real skill to perfect.


You may or may not have heard this term being used in the salon by our Moo’s, but what does it actually mean? BIAB stands for ‘Builder in a bottle’ or ‘Builder Gel’.

Part of The Gel Bottle range, this hard gel was created to help strengthen the natural nail, reduce breakage and encourage growth. It’s breathable, therefore doesn’t damage the nail, it’s curable by LED and UV light and can be soaked off just like any normal gel polish.

BIAB is currently available in a range of nude shades, allowing clients to keep them looking natural or add a gel colour over the top if they wish.

The thickness of BIAB is what helps to reinforce strength, durability and protection from external factors like knocks and bumps.

The desired look when using BIAB can be achieved without the need for glue or plastic tips and it can also be used to repair broken nails, build up corners and add length where needed.

So, let’s discuss how builders can be used in different treatments.

Firstly, for someone like myself (and my absolutely crap nails), this stuff is a game-changer. I am an absolute convert to the gel overlay and quite frankly would never look back.

The Overlay

It is perfect for those who have weak nails that break easily, that crack, split and are all in all a bit of a disaster. Ideal for those wanting to grow their natural nail, or simply add additional strength.

The overlay treatment itself consists of the same prep of the natural nail that you would receive in a regular manicure (such as cutting, shaping and cuticle work etc.) followed by the application of the builder gel, (usually a thin layer followed by a thicker layer where the therapist manipulates the gel to give it a natural apex over the nail without it looking bulky.)

This is then gently buffed down to allow the builder gel to be smoothed over and refined, before applying a top coat or a gel polish for those who want to add colour. You would normally return after 2 – 3 weeks to get these infilled, at which time your natural nail would have grown out a little and you will start to see a slight gap at the cuticle area, implying that it is time to get an infill.


This treatment is by far the most time-consuming nail treatment we offer at Mooeys, but also demonstrates the skills and knowledge our Moo’s have when providing this service.

The colour is removed from the nail (this can be done by hand or using an E-file) until you are left with a thin layer of builder gel on the nail, any bulk is removed along with any gel that may have started to lift away from the nail plate. Cuticle work is carried out and the remainder of the builder gel is buffed down. A new layer of the builder is then applied, refined/rebalanced and then a new gel colour is applied. Phew – that is quite a bit of work!

Gel manicure with Builder Base

This is something we have recently introduced with our new pricelist this month. It is perfect for those who need a little extra strength under their gel manicure, but don’t require the fuller and thicker coverage of an overlay. As this layer of gel is thinner, you can have this soaked off every 2 – 3 weeks and reapplied. Ideal for those who find that they can’t get more than a week out of a regular gel manicure before their nails begin to chip or flake.

Two thin layers of the builder gel is applied under the gel polish for additional strength, instead of using a regular gel base. The thin layer of the builder acts as a base as well as a strengthening treatment for those of us who suffer with bendy and more flexible nails.

The reason we wanted to get this breakdown out to you is simply so you get a better understanding of what treatment is right for you, along with how much skill, time and general passion our Moo’s put into our nail services. We pride ourselves on being nail perfectionists, and hopefully, after getting a better understanding of what each treatment consists of, you can understand why it’s so important for us to recognise what amazing nail techs we employ and why we want to give them the recognition they deserve.

Check our our fancy chart to help you decide which treatment is best for you HERE

A reminder from our previous blog

As you may have seen, Mooeys has decided to increase our prices. It was a super tough decision but we have tried to keep it as minimal as possible and it will be taking place on the 1st March 2023.

The biggest reason is that the government are increasing minimum wages and we want to be able to give our staff a pay rise to ensure they aren’t paid minimum wage. At Mooeys we refuse to pay minimum wage, and If therapists are employed by Mooeys it’s because we think they are the best at what they do. We believe in paying a real cost of living wage that is higher than the minimum wage set by the government.

Secondly, our utilities and stock prices have increased alongside everyone else’s and we have absorbed these costs up until now, but we have come to a point where that is no longer feasible to do this as a business.

Thirdly, throughout our own review of our competition and current prices, we found that Mooeys were often the cheapest despite providing the highest quality treatment and service. We didn’t want to cut down treatment time by cutting corners or scrimping on quality which would affect your whole experience with us and is not what we are about.

A big thank you as always for being wonderful, for reading and for your continued support.


Head Honcho Moo
Emily, Horsham Salon Manager