Hello, Mooeys Family! Let’s gather around to celebrate Lauren, affectionately known as Chatty Moo, whose vibrant personality and caring nature make her a beloved figure at our Farnham salon. Lauren is not just a senior therapist; she’s the very soul of the place, filling every corner with laughter, warmth, and impeccable service.


Chatty Moo: The Salon’s Social Spark

Chatty by Moo name and chatty by nature, Lauren is famous for her ability to talk about anything and everything. Her open, engaging demeanour isn’t just charming—it’s part of what makes her an integral part of the Mooeys experience. We absolutely adore her for her endless enthusiasm and genuine interest in everyone’s stories.


Mumma Bear of Mooeys Farnham

As the nurturer of the salon, Lauren is always there to offer an ear, a shoulder, or a comforting hug. Her role as Mumma Bear goes beyond providing beauty treatments; she supports the emotional well-being of both her team and her clients, making everyone feel valued and cared for.


A Perfectionist in Practice

Since joining Mooeys in 2015, Lauren has not only perfected her craft but also helped to foster the growth of many other therapists. Her dedication to excellence in every treatment she provides is evident in the glowing feedback from our clients and the respect she earns from her peers.


The Life of the Salon

Full of life and soul, Lauren’s presence in the salon is like a beacon of joy. Her ability to light up the room with her heart and humour creates an atmosphere that clients and colleagues alike look forward to experiencing. Lauren’s vibrant spirit makes every visit to Mooeys Farnham a memorable one.


Irreplaceable and Cherished

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Lauren as part of our team. As a senior therapist, her influence is profound—shaping not just the quality of our services but the very culture of our salon. Mooeys Farnham simply wouldn’t be the same without her.


A Salute to Chatty Moo

Lauren, Chatty Moo, here’s to you—for all the smiles you create, the comfort you provide, and the excellence you embody. You are more than just a senior therapist; you are a cornerstone of the Mooeys family, and your impact is cherished deeply by us all.


Stay tuned, everyone, as we continue to spotlight the amazing individuals who make Mooeys not just a place for beauty treatments, but a sanctuary of warmth and genuine connection. 🌟💖


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