Mooeys Masters, a UK based training and beauty product supplier, this week launches their latest training module for professionals working within the Personal Service community.

Designed for all professionals providing a client-facing service for both women AND men (including but not limited to hair and beauty; personal training; photographer; childcare provider; receptionist; chiropodist); this comprehensive guide comprises of a series of modules to complete in order to better understand what their client is experiencing and what they might need from their service provider.

Accredited by BABTAC, and the first of Mooeys Masters online training courses; ‘The Comprehensive Guide to Fertility Treatment’ module gives professionals in their respective industries, the tools and knowledge to communicate with their clients who have either undertaken or undergoing, or even pursuing, fertility treatment with care and true understanding.

This course covers the reasons and causes for turning to fertility treatment, giving a thorough overview of the various medical conditions leading to this decision as well as the varying processes of fertility treatments. What makes this course unique is the real-life testimony for these varying stages of fertility treatments and the variation in circumstances that gives the ‘trainee’, a wide range of understanding to better adapt their services to a wider degree of client backgrounds.

Amy Lewis, Founder & Managing Director of Mooeys Masters & Mooeys Franchise Ltd explains why she created this module using valuable, qualitative data instead of relying on medical statistics alone:

I wanted to know how they felt, what information they wanted to pass on and what they truly want or wanted from professional/personal service providers. I didn’t want to know what the doctor felt, or the so-called experts. What better expert to give us this information than the women who have experienced, first-hand, the many different journeys in fertility treatment by sharing with their own stories, their own experiences and their own views!

It is the belief and ethos of Mooeys and Mooeys Masters that the more informed you are, the better service you can provide. Understanding your clients’ experiences of fertility treatment; what they are going through both physically and mentally, will enable providers to tailor their service and approach to better help their clients, and in turn provide a higher standard of care. Ultimately, not only improving the standard of service but also the provider’s reputation for incredible service.

From Threading and Waxing workshops to Marketing and Finance Management training courses, Mooeys Masters offers a variety of training programs both beauty and business-related designed for the Personal Service and Small-Medium Business community.

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