I am again. I know my last blog didn’t exactly go around the world and back, but I did have some lovely feedback and thought that I would bless everyone with some more info about nails (and of course my usual ramblings)

Don’t worry…not all of my blogs will be about nails, but it’s definitely a good start! you wait..I’ll be talking about waxing next and you may well wish I was back on to nails 😉

Anyway I digress…

After years of doing peoples nails and after various removals and applications of hundreds of different products, I thought I would give you few tips on aftercare and maintenance of your own gorgeous talons.

01: Oil your cuticles

You let us do your manicures, push, nip, clean and moisturise all those lovely cuticles of yours…And then you don’t even moisturise them in between! Oil is the best treatment and really works if you suffer from dry or cracking skin. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

02: Sculpture and Shape

Nail shapes change with trends and fashion throughout the years, but good old faithful is the Squoval, also known as Squovy..either way its the same shape. Square up the sides, rounded corners and a flatter top. This shape will maintain the strength of your nail by evenly balancing the pressure on the free edge of your nail tip

03: To buff or not to buff?

Now providing your nails are strong and healthy, there is no harm in a bit of buffing – honestly!

Sometimes people can get ridges in their nails, this can be caused by various things but the main one is typing. The pressure on the tips of your nail or any other kind of pressure on the tips of your nail can damage the growth of the nail. Damage to the cuticle and base of the nail may also be the culprit. There is no harm in a light buff to smooth out the ridges and will always give you a much better finish when polishing.

04: What is a safe removal?

When you have had a Shellac applied, you need to have it removed properly or know how to do it yourself. The best thing you can do if you want to do it yourself is purchase a remove tube. They are only £10 and have the little nail nappies (or wraps as they are officially called) cuticle oil, cuticle stick and acetone. Soak the cotton on the wraps in acetone, and apply them to the nail then fix the wraps in place. Or the best thing you can do is have it done for you at a salon that stocks Shellac. Too much hard scraping can cause ridges so don’t be too vigorous, and sometimes a light buff may be needed but that’s it. It will come off in no time!

05: Rub in some of the good stuff!

You know your hands can show about 10 years ahead of your actual age?

As a general rule, we always treat and protect our face, put SPF on our bodies when we are in the sun..but our hands are always exposed and we don’t really do much about it.
If you are in the minority who always protect your hands, then you are probably looking more Monroe than Patsy, well done you! For those who don’t…start rubbing in the good stuff, moisturise your hands and talons and ifit’ss sunny – get the SPF on to prevent pigmentation marks. You’ll thank me for it in years to come, I promise 😉

06: Do they really trash your nails?

Nail extensions will always damage your nails. Don’t be fooled into thinking they won’t or that various systems are non damaging. You are putting super glue on your nails, then buffing the hell out of them and then doing it all over again when taking them off. Some systems are definitely gentler than others and if you already have strong nails, then it may not harm as much as someone who has a softer nail. Either way, there will always be an element of damage dealt.
Nail extensions are not necessarily a bad thing, its just that you should know beforehand and be prepared for the end result.

07: You little nibbler you!

One of the biggest nail faux pas we see are down to the little nibblers out there! you know who you are…the ones who are generally pretty stressed and take it out on their poor cuticles and nails.

Treat yourself to a Shellac manicure and keep it up as it will stop you from trying to nibble. It doesn’t matter how short your nails are or how embarrassed you are of them – get them done! And then go out and buy yourself a stress ball or one of those squidgy things that have pretend goo coming out of very peculiar places…see you know which ones I mean!

Now I think that should give you a few things to be getting on with for the meantime…well until I think of some more useful facts to write about at least 😉

Remember we are here to pamper and preen if you fancy a treat to help you through the grumpy months, just give us a shout. Or give it a go yourself, you’ll be surprised how good you can feel about yourself when you’re talons are looking luscious!

Loads of Love

Amy xx