Welcome Back, Mooeys Fans! This time, we’re shining the spotlight on a special someone who’s been with us since day one. Meet Lucy Brooks, affectionately known as Luce, our very own ‘Fit Moo’ at Mooeys Farnham. She’s not just a therapist; she’s a cornerstone of what Mooeys is all about.

The Journey with Mooeys: Lucy joined the Mooeys family right at the start and has been a vital part of our journey. From the first client to the latest, she’s been there, making every experience at Mooeys Farnham something special.

More Than Just a Therapist: When we talk about Lucy, we’re talking about someone who’s more than just great at her job. She’s the embodiment of care, for both her team and her clients. It’s not just about providing a service; it’s about creating an experience. And Lucy? She gets it, totally and udderly.

Creating the Mooeys Vibe: Lucy isn’t just a part of the Mooeys vibe; she’s been key in shaping it. That warm, welcoming atmosphere you feel when you walk into Mooeys Farnham? That’s Lucy’s magic at work. She understands what Mooeys is all about and brings it to life every day.

Jade’s Take on Lucy: Jade, her manager, can’t help but sing Lucy’s praises. With a laugh, she calls her ‘Mrs. Hinch Moo’ for her love of cleaning. But it’s more than that. Jade sees Lucy as incredible support in management, always there for her team, doing whatever she can for them. Her customer service? Top-notch. Her work? Impeccable. And her sense of humor? Just the cherry on top.
When Jade, Lucy’s manager, talks about her, you can feel the respect and admiration in her words. She describes Lucy as the embodiment of everything Mooeys stands for. In Jade’s eyes, Lucy is a genuine Moo at heart, someone who lives and breathes the Mooeys spirit every single day.

Lucy’s Impact: Lucy’s presence at Mooeys Farnham is more than just a job well done. It’s about bringing laughter, quality, and a sense of belonging to everyone who walks through the doors. She’s the kind of person who makes work feel like a family, and her love for what she does is evident in every interaction.

The Heart of Mooeys: Lucy is more than an employee; she’s the heart and soul of Mooeys Farnham. Her dedication, her care, her sense of humour – they’re what makes Mooeys more than just a salon. It’s a place where people come to feel good, not just about how they look, but about where they are.

Signing Off: As we wrap up this spotlight, we just want to say – Lucy, you’re an absolute star. Your commitment, your spirit, and your love for Mooeys make all the difference. Here’s to you, the fabulous Fit Moo, who makes every day at Mooeys Farnham a little brighter and a lot more fun!

Stay tuned for more stories from our wonderful Mooeys family! 🌟🐄💕

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