Hi I am Emma, and I own Mooeys in Haslemere, Surrey.

I bought the first Mooeys franchise in 2019, before I even considered buying a franchise, I was a client of Mooeys Farnham and knew the Manager Jo Weller. I would often go for my treatments and off load about my week to Jo and often say to her that I would love to work at Mooeys. As it was such a chilled, relaxing and inviting atmosphere. Little did I imagine at that point, I would be salon owner in the future!

I was a nurse, working at Frimley Park Hospital. I qualified in 2004 and the tender age of 20 and was a young enthusiastic nurse who wanted to learn everything and provide the best care possible for my patients. I was good at making up for the stresses of the job, and enjoyed many a night out with my fellow mischievous nursing friends. Nurses worked hard and played harder!

I soon specialised, and got a job on the High Dependency Unit (HDU) it was fast, busy, intense and I loved it. Adrenalin pumping shifts were a regular factor in my work life. I was young and loving my job.

After a couple of years, I was promoted to Sister, (ecstatic was an understatement,) I worked my little cotton socks off to get that promotion, I was so proud of myself. Being a sister led to more responsibility and extra pressures, but I embraced every part of the job, it was my vocation at that time.

In my personal life I have found ‘the one!’ I know cringe!

We got married and we grew two children in two years, epic! Upon my return to work I decided to go part time, still working as HDU Sister. Life’s responsibilities, and having two beautiful girls does make a difference to your outlook and emotional responses to situations, especially working on HDU. There were many tragic and heart-breaking situations that I had to deal with, and after nearly 10 years, I felt I needed a change. I was no longer mentally and physically able to give 100% to my job. Which was a harsh reality!

I dipped in and out of different rolls and nothing could match the HDU environment, and the absolutely flipping amazing team I had left. I knew going back was not an option and my mental health had suffered. I knew begrudgingly that it wasn’t the right move to go back.

I had some time out on long term sick with some very big downs, both mentally and physically, (a story for another time.) which was really challenging. When I returned to the Mothership that was Frimley Park Hospital, I went back as a ward Sister on a respiratory ward. It was extremely busy, lots of pressure and very hard work. I managed to stick it out for 6 months, I was then offered my dream job as a Respiratory Nurse Specialist. I know sounds good, right? I nearly peed my pants with excitement and gratitude when my former manager approached me.

The job was great, it was a different type of busy, better work life balance. To be brutally honest I had lost interest. Lost interest in the system, the politics, the red tape, targets, lack of funds etc. The NHS is suffering, and work was a stressful place to be and I wanted something new and exciting. This feeling had been festering for a long while.

I had heard on the Moo vine that Amy Lewis, the owner of Mooeys ltd, had ventured out to Franchise Mooeys. I emailed Amy straight away and though blood, sweat and tears we are here today. It was 18 months of hard work, but worth every minute of it! There was a lot of aspects that were completely new to me, such as business plans, bank loan applications, dealing with estate agents, landlords. Amy was there every step of the way, guiding and helping me prepare for all the steps towards opening, and being an owner of Mooeys Haslemere. The best part was meeting Amy! I can say she is one inspirational lady, also we immediately gelled, I knew this was going to be an epic relationship. I was getting the same vibe as I used to get when I worked with the awesome team on HDU. All very inspirational women, also my great big boss Iain, I had missed that.

Work now is so so enjoyable, and I love coming in and opening MY own salon! I love making people feel good about themselves, talking and helping people, in the Mooeys own unique way. I am using my nursing skills still, just not in the gruesome, treatment aspect. Plus, Mooeys is such a great quirky place to work, which makes a refreshing change to the clinical feel.

I now have my small and very lovely team of my own. I can’t wait for it to grow, and for us to develop strong friendships and bonds, which in turn will create an awesome feeling in Mooeys, making the clients experience that little bit more special.

Being Matron Moo in absolute cracking job, I wouldn’t change it for the world!