So – we’ve finally done it.

Bitten the bullet, taken the plunge, jumped off of the fence.

And we’ve been sitting on this said fence for a long time over this Blog’s subject – THE E-FILE!

The Electric File. The dreaded ‘Nail Drill’. The thing that cuts your fingers, burns your cuticles and generally wrecks your nails, as anyone who has ever had Acrylics in a non-standard nail bar will tell you. It also sounds like a dentist’s drill and that in itself doesn’t tend to promote a feeling of ease!

(FYI – We use the term ‘non-standard’ nail salon in place of anything that may be racially offensive in any way, ie. Chinese/Asian/Vietnamese etc).

For nearly 9 years now, Mooeys as a company have been offering nail treatments. First of all, the gel manicure and gel pedicure, along with our signature Moocure treatments (manicures and pedicures with normal nail polish). It’s all about ‘Nurturing the Natural’ – us looking after what your Mumma gave you, educating you to be able to do the same and our Mooeys pampering element all rolled into one.

This immediately put us apart from our competitors and we became the busiest salons in our home towns!

Then as with everything, as time moves on, treatments in the beauty industry are constantly being updated, and procedures very quickly become ‘old hat’. So if we are going to be the best of the best we need to keep up! Not with our competitors exactly (although healthy competition is never a bad thing) but with standards within the industry and new, innovative and cost/time effective methods of carrying out treatments that clients are asking for.

So, this is when we introduced Gel Nail Extensions and Overlay treatments – again we thought so long and hard about this as in effect it goes against our grain of ‘Nurturing the Natural’, but all the time we weren’t offering these services we were turning clients away. They would then go to the non-standard salons and come out with a set of Acrylic (plastic) nail extensions and sore fingers at the same time due to the prep carried out with a cheap e-file on a bare nail plate. Ouchee!

Most of us have done it at some point though..

Mooeys decided to switch from using CND Shellac to The Gel Bottle and never looked back! We provided high quality, professional and most importantly kind-to-the-nails (so we could still nurture our natural!) overlays and extensions which very quickly became really popular in our salons, but before we knew it some therapists were doing hours of extensive buffing and filing in a day.

This of course takes its toll..and our Moos were having to wear straps on wrists, having frozen shoulders and neck problems because of the filing that was filling so much of their day. We still didn’t want to go into the realms of using an e-file we weren’t one of ‘those’ salons.

As time went on we were forced to look at another treatments were starting to take too long with all of the buffing, and it really didn’t make sense from a business (or health) point of view for our salons or our therapists. When a job or service starts to have a detrimental effect on your team, you need to have a re-think! We have used extractor fans in our salons for a long time now to combat the dust issue, and so it was really making treatments more comfortable for therapists as well as offering time and cost effective services for both us and the client.

After extensive research we found a reputable company, Lucy Pastorelli Nails and Training, who’s E-file is the best out there. It’s gentle, has micro-fine bits for both gel removal and cuticle work, and never gets too hot. All the Moos who are using the e-file on your nails have been trained by Lucy herself, and have been shown the right way and the wrong way to use such a tool to be beneficial for an excellent mani or pedi. Hygiene is of the utmost as you, our clients, know and this is not compromised by using this tool. All attachments are sterilised between clients.

We’ve seen excellent results with our e-files on our nail services and although some clients are understandably a little wary to begin with, we soon win them round! We NEVER use the e-file on the bare nail plate, only to remove or de-bulk the layers of gel (builder or gel pot) so we DO NOT damage your nail in any way. It just speeds up the removal process and we can get excellent results with blending, even better than when we were doing it all by hand. It also eliminates ‘grazing’ the cuticle/finger with the nail files, sometimes this happens when buffing by hand, especially when the files are new. With an e-file it allows us to be much more precise.

Don’t forget, up until now we’ve done everything by hand for your treatments, so it’s taken us a little while to get used to using it too and we’ve used it gingerly to say the least! But we love it!

You can of course, request to have your treatment carried out the old way, by hand, and we won’t mind at all. There won’t be any price difference, you can have your treatment done your way. If you have a look in your therapists bio within our online booking or app, it will show you if they use E File or Hand file…then you can choose if you prefer one or the other.


Let us show you how moving with the times needn’t mean we are lowering our standards or your expectations by any means. We honestly feel we are only improving our service to you and we hope you think so too!


Jo – aka Glam-Ma Moo xx


NB:Image is owned by Lucy Pastorelli