New website coming soon…

Watch this space for our fab new website…equally as user-friendly, and you will even be able to buy your Mooeys vouchers on there too, which is mega exciting times!

New colours from GelBottle

GelBottle is a cracking brand, and for those who don’t know much about it – It is one of the newest, and in our opinion, best colour ranges in the industry at the moment. We also use their products for extensions and overlay treatments, which are equally fab.
The new Autumn collection is lush, and available now in both salons.


Mooeys Nail Trends | Instagram


Colour Moovement – Our faves for this season

You know us, we like to be a bit different and set our own trends. So this season we are really loving the combination of Black, the new Rose Gold glitter and Nude. They work amazingly in any combination and think you will look truly fab with any, or all of them. Check out our Instagram for inspiration if you fancy something a bit sassy. #colourmoovement #blackandbling #mooeysfaves #bedifferent #settingourowntrends #blackisback


Price Increase – 12th November 2018

We have only increased our prices once in 5 years, and believe in keeping our prices in the middle range of our competition. However, as with all general household bills, ours have gone up too. So we need to increase them, but just by a smidgen to cover these costs. No treatment will increase more than £1, and we can assure you we are still very competitive with other salons nearby. If you would like to see the treatment price comparison versus other salons near us, then please email and we can send it over to you.


Franchise available from January 2019

Yep, that’s right…you can have your very own Mooeys! The Mooeys franchise will be available from the beginning of 2019 and the first two franchises will be available for half the price.

If you would be interested in acquiring your own franchise, then please contact for more info.


Bookings for Xmas

We are getting so booked up for the festive period, so please book in ASAP if you would like to be glammed up for the jolly season.


The Great Mooeys Bake Off

We are holding our very own Macmillan coffee and cake day on the 24th November in both salons. If you would like to donate your bakes, then please contact your local salon and let them know what you would like to bring in. If you don’t want to bake, but you do want to eat and judge…then pop in and treat yourself. All donations go to this amazing charity who have truly helped so many people close to our hearts. The winner will receive a £50 Mooeys gift card too!

Text to donate code is BUN PTN5. Please text this code to 70550 to donate £5 if you can’t make it in to see us, but wish to donate.


Eco Moo

We are very conscious about what impact we have on the environment, and know that a lot of you lovely lot are too. So, we have been trialling this awesome brand who offer fully biodegradable glitter and packaging. We have some in both salons for you to try if you wish, and although it doesn’t give the exact sparkle you would see in the other brands we use, it really is a great alternative for our Eco Moos out there.


Fairy Moo Promootion

We are so chuffed for Abi, who has been promoted to assistant manager in the Horsham branch. Abi hasn’t been with us for long, but has brought a wealth of experience with her, and is going to be a great support to our Head Honcho Moo. Well done Abs, welcome to the Management Moos.


Own Brand Wax Coming Soon

That’s right peeps, we have been developing our very own Moo Wax for the last 6 months, and have been trialling various types of wax to find ‘the one’. And by golly, we’ve got it. Moo Wax is currently in production and will be used on you before the end of the year hopefully. We will let you know when it’s in use, and hope you love it as much as we do.


Lash Extensions

We are introducing Lash Extensions to our Horsham branch only, from December. We will be using the Nouveau brand (Same as LVL) as you know that we like to use the best of the best out in the Beauty Industry.
The Nouveau lashes give you a lovely natural, yet a full set of lashes. If you are interested in having them done, have a chat with Emily next time you’re in, and she will tell you more about them.


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