I thought I would write a little blog on something that looks so simple to do but many people find it impossible – filing your nails!

We at Mooeys are filing your lovely nails every day, in every shape and length imaginable, but trying to do it yourself can prove to be an arduous task indeed!

So, hopefully after reading this, you will be able to master this yourself, if only to tide you over the next few weeks until you can make it back into the salon again.

First of all – NO METAL NAIL FILES PLEASE! The tiny knife-like metal files that are found in every little manicure set look the part, but they really aren’t that great for the nails, can often be too sharp and you can end up filing half of your nail off. Always try and use an emery board, they are much kinder to your nails, and you have far less chance of damage, to the nail or fingertip.

Secondly, it’s best to file in one direction from the side of the nail, upwards or up and across, return the file to the start point and file upwards again. Try not to see-saw the file back and forth, as this can damage the fibres of the nails and leave the edges raggedy. Imagine you are brushing your hair, you always move the brush in one direction, to keep the look smooth and knot-free. If you brush in both directions the result is back-combed, messy, knotty and will feel rough. It’s the same with your nails!

Once you have filed one side, then begin with the other side of the same nail. Decide the shape and length you would like, and simply copy this with the rest of your nails. Generally, shapes are either:

Rounded: – File up and round over to the top of the nail and repeat the other side – this is great for weaker/shorter nails but any nail type would suit this shape

Square/Oval (Squoval): File the nail along its natural shape straight upwards, and across the top in a definite square. Repeat the other side, then round off the corners to soften the look – this suits most nail types and lengths

Square: As with Squoval but don’t round the corners off, this will give a sharper and squarer look – this is fab for stronger nails as the corners are less likely to break, or nails that are very narrow or curved

If your nails are different lengths, it’s best to either take them all down to match the shortest one, and then they will grow up together, but if you would like to keep the length that you have, the maybe take the longest ones down just a little, so the shorter ones don’t have so much catching up to do.

When you are happy with your shape, you will find that there are little shavings under the nail tip (free edge), just run your nail underneath to remove these and if you have a soft buffer, buff the very edges to remove any sharpness.

This is fine of course for your hands, but toes can be a little more tricky. I find it best to file them straight across, or slightly round them off, but keep them short, with just a tiny bit of free edge at the top. Round off any sharp corners so they don’t dig in to the toe next to it, and try not to hack them completely off so there is nothing to file! Use a sturdy pair of nail clippers, as you get a nice, quick clip of the nail, but of course use scissors if you prefer to. With toes, the aim is short, neat and uniform. Easy!

Voila! You are ready to paint your hands or toes to your hearts content, or keep them nice and natural. Keep a nail file in your bag, in the car, and you can always give them a quick tidy wherever you are, or to rescue a break until you can get in to see us!

Hope this helps!

Glam-Ma Moo xxx