Now, this is something we don’t talk about nearly enough but it’s one of the reasons I love our MOOSKIN range so much, and that’s because they are all refillable!

If you don’t know about the MOOSKIN range, it’s the product range that we have created especially for our Mooeys salons. It’s the products used in your waxing and nail services as we have created a range that has many functions.

Amy created this range with business and stock levels in mind. We can reduce the products and packaging used across all of our salons which in turn allows us to use a much better-quality product in our services. We use the same lotion as an after-wax lotion as we do to massage your hands and feet for instance. The products contain only essential oils so they actually deliver great results as well as smell great, which a lot of the cheaper options in our industry don’t offer.
This is a win win for us as we get to reduce our waste, offer better quality products, improve results in our treatments and reduce our stock holding levels.

Now you can join us in our campaign to reduce the waste in the Beauty Industry, even just a smidgen.

In a world where environmental consciousness is on the rise, the concept of refilling products has gained significant attention. Beyond just being a sustainable choice, it’s also a savvy way to save some pennies while adopting a newfound appreciation for packaging.

Mooeys offer refill stations in all of our salons where you can replenish your containers, reducing single-use plastic waste and contributing to a circular economy. From household cleaning products to personal care items, many companies are beginning to challenge the traditional one-and-done mentality of consumerism.

Refilling isn’t just eco-friendly; it’s also budget-friendly. Buying in bulk and refilling your products can often cost less per unit, helping you cut down on expenses in the long run. Invest in durable, aesthetically pleasing containers that you can refill time and time again whilst also reducing your environmental footprint.

All you need to do is wash your bottles or containers with warm soapy water and leave to dry thoroughly before bringing them in to one our salons. Here are the savings you can make.

Cuticle Oil 30ml Dropper – Initial price £15.95 Refill price £12.95

MOOSKIN Care 200ml – Initial price £19.95 Refill price £16.95

MOOSKIN Soothe 200ml – Initial price £16.95 Refill price £14.95

MOOSKIN Calm 200ml – Initial price £16.95 Refill price £14.95

You can also use your own 200ml bottles to refill our smaller 50ml bottles to take away on holiday, or even have in your car or handbag.

Refilling products encourages a shift in mindset – from disposable to durable. By opting for refillable options, you become more aware of your consumption patterns. This mindfulness extends beyond the product itself, fostering a sense of responsibility for the lifecycle of the packaging.

Packaging often gets a bad rap for contributing to environmental problems. However, when you embrace refilling, you give packaging a new purpose. Instead of viewing it as a single-use item destined for the landfill, you see it as a vessel for ongoing use, reducing the demand for new packaging materials.

As someone choosing to refill, you become a catalyst for change. Your actions send a powerful message to businesses, urging them to adopt more sustainable practices. By supporting refill programs, you actively participate in shaping a future where waste is minimised.

So, get involved and join us in making a small but incredible change in the Beauty Industry.

Check out our MOOSKIN range here.