From long-lasting, shiny gel polish jobs and all types of waxing to perfectly-preened brows and luscious lash extensions, lifts and tints – we’ve got you covered!

See below for our full list of our treatments to get you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world!

Waxing Treatments

Top to Toe


The Ultimate Mooey

AKA the Brazilian, Californian or Hollywood. Comes with a complimentary eyebrow, lip or chin wax. Over 18s only!

Combine with either a half leg or full leg to save some pennies.

The Mini Mooey

Similar to a G-string style wax. We leave a bit underneath & a little more on the front than with the Ultimate Mooey.

Combine with either a half leg or full leg to save some pennies.

The Standard Bikini

We do everything that would be outside of a swimsuit.

Combine with either a half leg or full leg to save some pennies.

The Full Monty

Includes the Ultimate Mooey, underarm and any facial waxing you would like.

Comes with either a full leg or half leg wax – you choose!

The Full Leg

From the tops of your thighs to your tippy toes, we wax the lot!

The Half Leg (Top or Bottom!)

Above the knee or below – It’s up to you! We always do the knees and even your toes too!

The Arm Wax

Forearms, elbows and upper arms too. Great for your holidays.

The Fuzzy Face & Brows

No one wants a fuzzy lip, chin or brows… Let’s get rid of the lot!

The Eyebrows

Simple but perfection is the only way.

The Lip Wax

Nostrils included too if you want – it’s surprisingly good!

The Underarm

Smooth pits for weeks, what’s not to love?

The Chin Wax

We all get them, but we all hate them too!

Waxing Treatments

Talons, Claws & more…


File & Polish for the Hands or Tootsies

Straight up! No prep work, just a file and super shiny finish!

The Moocure – Hands or Toes

For those who what a bit of pampering with a perfect standard polish finish. Includes a hand massage and cuticle work, as well as a file & polish.

The Mini Me

We have a tonne of glitter and loads of gorgeous colours for your under 13’s, and then it’s the big person price.

A Little Treat

A treat for your nails, cuticles & skin. No polish, but still a much-needed pamper session.

Nail Art

Glitter is always free in Mooeys, But add nail art if you want something a bit spesh.

French Polish

French comes under our Nail Art, so make sure you add this on too.

Nail Repair

For those naughty low down breaks.

NB: We don’t charge for chips and scuff repairs within a week of having your nails done, but if you need a full nail repair, this one is for you.

Acrylic Removal

We only offer Acrylic removal when it is combined with any of our own Gel application services, this is due to the time it takes for us to remove it. Please try to book in with a Moo who uses E-files.

Waxing Treatments

Manicures, pedicures & infills

Gels & Extensions

Gel Manicure

A super shiny polish lasting for up 2-3 weeks. Dries immediately & isn’t damaging… Just don’t peel it off!

All cuticle and prep work are included as standard, and we always finish with a lovely hand massage.

NB: We don’t offer gel polish application on it’s own as the best results come from great prep work.

Gel Pedicure

We will remove your hard skin, buff and file the nails, work on your cuticles and give you a scrummy massage. All finished off with a gel application too!

NB: We carry out dry pedicures in Mooeys as we feel that they are a much more hygienic way of carrying out this treatment. We focus on results and the perfect polish, and with a dry pedicure you can remove much more hard skin.

Gel Removal

All removals can be done alone, or added to any other nail service at a discounted rate.

NB: Some of our Moos use E-files especially for infills and colour removal.

Gel Nail Extensions – Length

No acrylics here! We use a Gel extension system with various options. We can do full tip cover, blended tips with gel over the top, or sculpted. We will always find the best system for you. Lasting gel nails, done beautifully.

Gel Overlays – Strength

Lasting gel nails, done beautifully. This provides a hard layer to your nails and allows them to grow naturally.

Gel Infills

Maintain those extensions or overlays with an infill & tidy up.
Make sure you add Gel colour if you would like them polished too.

Waxing Treatments

Staying Fleeky…


Eyebrow Threading

Full Face & Eyebrows

Half Face & Eyebrows

Lip or Chin Threading

Waxing Treatments

Lovely lashes & perfect brows

Lashes & Tinting

LVL Lash Lift Treatment

An awesome treatment for the busy Moo. A perm & a tint and hey presto! Lovely low-maintenence lashes!

*Not suitable during pregnancy.

The Ultimate Moo-Brow

Tinting, shaping and general preening in one treatment. For those who want the perfect brow.

NB: Patch test is essential prior to treatment. (If you have had COVID-19 or a COVID-19 vaccination, a new patch test is required due to a suspected link to adverse skin reactions).

Brow Tint

For those who want more definition, or just to show that your brows exist.

Luscious Lashes

Simple, yet effective, great for holidays & all you gym bunnies. Perfect for mums who don’t want to bother with make-up everyday.

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