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"Lets not beat around the bush"


All waxing is carried out using a great quality wax and an artistic technique that will ensure your comfort is a priority, along with giving you the best results you have ever experienced with intimate waxing.

Try it, you wont be disappointed!

NB: All hair needs to be approx. 0.5cm long to be waxed

The Ultimate Mooey Wax

Also known as The Brazilian, The Californian or the Hollywood

We don't charge different prices for different styles of waxing - Just one price and you choose what you would like.
Do you want it all off, a little bit at the front or a triangle? Either way we will always do everything underneath and the back - but don't worry, we won't get you on all fours!

Oh, and it comes with a complimentary eyebrow, lip or chin wax

Available with a half leg or full leg wax too.



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The Mini Mooey

Similar to a G String style wax

We leave a bit underneath and a little more on the front than with the Ultimate Mooey. This is a great introduction if you are a bit nervous or unsure.

Available with a half leg or full leg wax too.



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Standard Bikini Wax

Keeping it simple

We use hot wax as standard and go reasonably high. We will do everything that would be outside of a swimsuit.

Available with Half or Full leg wax


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Full leg Wax

Simple yet effective

Goes up high and we can do the toes as well.


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Half Leg Wax

Time to tidy up

Above the knees or below - its up to you! But we will always do the knees, and even the toes too if you like. 


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Arm Wax

All about the arms

Forearms, elbows and upper arms too. Great for holidays, weddings and the summer too.


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Fuzzy Face Wax

Time to de fuzz

No one wants a fuzzy lip and chin so lets get rid of the lot!


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Fuzzy Face and Brows

If you want the whole lot done

We can do it all together for a bit of a discounted price. You couldn’t get any smoother!


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Eye Brow Wax

Simple but perfect!

We take eyebrows very seriously and will give you a great eye brow wax. We will trim if needed and use the right wax for you - either way, it will be a great job well done


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Underarm Waxing

Fresh as a daisy

Having your underarms waxed is quick and just brilliant. No shaving for a month - why wouldn't you?
We will use either hot or strip wax, depending on your hair and what suits you.


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The Full Monty!

Everything...and we mean everything!

From top to toes!
This includes all facial waxing, The Ultimate Mooey, Underarms, arms if you want and of course we do your legs to.

You can choose to have this treatment with either a Full leg or Half leg wax.

£79 or £85

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We do all types of waxing, and all services are available to book online. If you can't see what you are looking for, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

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