We see this problem year after year…our clients come back into the salons to say their polish hasn’t lasted this time which is weird as they normally get 2-3 weeks out of a set.

As you know, we always try and rectify where possible – especially if your nails are under a week old. However, we can normally spot the tell-tale signs of the naughty little tape pickers and can see when you have been fiercely wrapping those presents of yours.

It tends to be the index nails – that’s the first giveaway, and the gel polish is either pulling away from the nail plate or starting to peel. Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t always due to tape picking, however at this time of year if you have seen a difference in how long your nails are lasting, think about whether you have been picking away at the end of a roll of tape.

It happens to the best of us, but picking at Sellotape is like the cardinail sin of the nail world for those perfectly manicured talons of yours.

So, may we suggest using a tape dispenser to protect those beautifully manicured nails? Maybe you could use some ribbon, or even better – get someone else to do the wrapping for you!

We love this eco-friendly multi-coloured paper ribbon in my house which you can pick up from Amazon here.

This may well be the shortest blog I have ever written, but I wanted to help you keep your gel mani’s lasting longer. If you have got some chips that need repairing, remember you can always book yourself in via our app for a chip/scuff repair. These are free if it’s within a week – however, if it’s over a week then you will need to pay £5 and we will top up those tips and re-cap your gel manicures.

Have a fab festive time whatever you are doing, I hope that those presents get wrapped without any damage caused, but remember we are always here to help if you need us.

Lots of Love