MOOSKIN Soothe is a scrummy aloe vera lotion combined with our gorgeous signature blend of essential oils. The perfect all over body lotion.

How to use me

Apply a bit of Soothe to any area that needs some soothing loveliness. I can be applied directly to the skin, but not on the face as I will be a bit too heavy.

I am really versatile, all-natural and super hydrating. I make a wonderful hand cream for nourishing cuticles and dry skin. Use me as an all-over skin conditioner, and I am especially soothing after waxing treatments.

I am also a really good holiday companion to hydrate and soothe sun-kissed skin, and you can even bring me back into the salon and refill me too.

Suitable on all skin types.

We encourage all of our customers to re-use their pumps which is why you will see an option to choose with and without pumps.