Emily is our Manager in Horsham, and this is her story!

It’s really hard to sum up the feeling of a place you’ve been working at for almost 4 years now, in just a few words. I feel as though whatever your place of work, you can really take for granted how lucky you are when it becomes ‘the norm’ and part of everyday life.

After working in the Beauty Industry for over 10 years now, I am yet to find another salon that can do, and make people feel the way Mooeys does. Of course, I am totally biased, but let me tell you why.

After starting my beauty journey in a very small village salon, I’ve always been a fan of the more personal approach. Knowing who your clients are, their families, where they have been on holiday, when their birthday is etc. For me, this is what makes a salon stand out from the rest. I worked for a big well known spa in London for about 6 months, and this was not the vibe I was used to, I felt so uncomfortable. I had someone else managing my column which meant you never got to see the same clients more than once, the fact that I had to hand over my client to a receptionist to deal with the payment and re – booking, almost gave the feel that we, as therapists were not worthy of anything past the treatment itself.

Mooeys. My second family.

As my first official managerial role, it’s obvious to understand why I was sh*t scared! I saw the role advertised for a brand new salon in Horsham and thought ‘sod it, I’m going for it’.

My interview took place in Mooeys Farnham, with Head Wench Amy. It was like no interview I’d ever had before. I got through about 3 caramel lattes, and spent the entire time thinking how awesome it was that this salon owner had bright pink hair and awesome red nails, nothing like the uniformed ‘hair in a bun and natural make -up’ rule I had been used to. Although it was of course still a professional interview, I felt like I was chatting to an old friend that I had met with for a coffee and catch up with.

I HAD to get this role, and to my delight, Amy saw something in me which led me to be the Head Honcho of our Horsham salon.

I’ve managed the Horsham branch of Mooeys for almost 4 years now, and I love it a little more each day.

Coming into work, feeling like you can just be yourself, is such an important thing for me. Going from previous salons that would make you take all your piercings out, and have guidelines about what colour you could dye your hair, made me question whether this was the industry for me. I always used to think ‘If I’m doing a cracking set of nails, what difference does it make what bloody colour my hair is?’

We’ve all been into those salons, the ones where the 6ft blonde bombshells with their uniformed ponytails and pristine tunics, would give you the fake smile (whilst secretly judging your outfit) pop up from behind an overcrowded reception desk.

Mooeys is everything opposite to this.

For our clients, to be able to come in and have a cuppa, sit in a comfy chair and have a genuine conversation with a therapist that actually wants to listen is just the tip of the iceberg of what makes Mooeys so special.

Everyone is welcome, from breastfeeding mums, to working ladies that spend their lunch break getting a fresh set of nails for that all important meeting, to the group of gals that have a child free Saturday and want to come and spend it having their toes done with a glass of Prosecco in hand. You are all welcome!

To be part of something this epic, is simply awesome. My team are amazing (My Moofam). We have such a varied team in age & personality but they are all simply amazing at what they do and each have their own little niche.

Of course in any business it can be stressful at times, but being part of a brand that sees us an individuals rather than a number in the system certainly does speak volumes.

To have started out as a newbie in a brand new salon, and going on to see how we have evolved, makes me so proud to know that I played a massive part in that.

We’ve recently been nominated for some beauty awards (and won a couple!) which is so amazing and makes all the blood, sweat and tears totally worth it!

Thank you Mooeys for the (continued) journey…