Well, this really hasn’t been anyone’s year has it. Once again, we’ve been told to turn off the lights, lock the doors and head home until the 2nd December (or so they say!). Well that won’t stop a Moo! We refuse to let being back in lockdown get us down and so that’s why we’ve come up with your very own Winter Survival Guide!

Follow our top tips for surviving Winter back in lockdown and see you on the other side looking all happy, healthy and downright gorgeous! (You thought we were going to say hairy didn’t you!)

  • Get a routine going…

    No we don’t just mean a beauty routine (though more on that later). Shake off those overwhelming feelings by breaking the time up into chunks. That might mean by day, by hour or perhaps by goal.
    Map out your routine with some short-term goals. By all means throw some long-term ones in there too, but don’t pressure yourself to be overly productive – lockdown burnout is oh so real, and really; do you need to write an Oscar-winning screenplay just because you had a little more time on your hands? No is the answer to that.
    Allow yourself some chill-out time, but schedule it in after something productive to give your a day a sense of purpose. This will help you from feeling sluggish and ease the Netflix-binge guilt. (We’ve all been there!)

  • Don’t forget your daily allowance!

    Well, you can do a little more than one hour if you so desire. But it can be really difficult to feel motivated to get outside and go for a jog (or a brisk walk in my case), when the weather is…well…a bit sh*t. Mix it up a little and drag your housemates (everyone else calls their Significant-Other their housemate right?!) out with you. A natter or a laugh always makes the time pass quicker, and if you don’t have Jordan Belfort’s power of persuasion, try a cracking podcast for some company on those breezy runs. Here’s some of our favs!

  • “Avoid the Malls like boughs of Holly…”

    Turn those negatives into positives and rejoice in avoiding overcrowded, soggy shopping centres traipsing about for Christmas gifts for all and sundry. Be Christmas-savvy and get the perfect prezzie for the peeps in your world; a Mooeys gift-voucher. Because everybody deserves some guaranteed pampering to look forward to this year! Not only will you be doing your bit by reducing your carbon footprint, but you’ll be helping support a local business and keeping our high streets going! Go you!

  • Phone a Friend

    This one is a winner no matter which way you come at it. You’ll feel better. They’ll feel better. So do it. Do it now. You could be providing more of a lifeline than you think.

  • Love yourself!

    This one right here! Show yourself some love! When have you ever been this hard up against it all? Never! Prioritise you at LEAST once a week. Whether that’s going offline and curling up in front of the fire with a great book or sinking into a hot, luxurious bubble bath with a facemask, make sure to make time. Your mind and skin will thank you too! For those pesky grown-out nails; pop one of our fab ReMooval Kits in your basket and look after those nails!


Right, that’s plenty for you to be getting on with for now, after all. It’s only day 1!

We’ll be back soon with some more ways to keep your mind and body tip-top, but for now, keep safe and look after yourselves.

We’ll be seeing each other again before you know it! xXx