Behind the scenes of Bookings Moo HQ!

Hello everyone!
I’m Sophie, AKA Sunflower Moo/Bookings Moo!
You may have spoken to me before when you called Mooeys to make an appointment in either our
Farnham or Horsham salons, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to properly introduce myself
and give you a behind-the-scenes insight into Bookings Moo HQ.

So, what do I do?
When you, our lovely clients, call the salons and our therapists don’t have time to answer, your call
will be diverted to me at home, where I will be able to help with your questions and everyday
dilemmas, bookings, cancellations and queries. I also look after all of the emails that are sent via the
website (which can equate to hundreds a week in busy periods) and I also take care of the DM’s on
social media too if I get a spare moment.

I started this role with Mooeys in August 2022 and oh my goodness – what a ride it’s been!
Alongside my job, I am also a mum to two tiny humans who take great pleasure in being my “at-
home” bosses! So, I would like to apologise now for the background noise that you may sometimes
hear when your call is diverted to me, unfortunately sometimes Peppa Pig really is the only way to
get both jobs done! This being said I wouldn’t manage to juggle both jobs without the support from
Amy and the Moos, allowing me an opportunity to do a job that I love whilst working from home.

Now back to business. Being Bookings Moo for one of the busiest salon chains can be super busy at
times, and whilst 55% of our bookings are taken using our online system, the other 45% come
through our phone lines…which is where I come in!
I absolutely love getting to know everyone and I understand whilst booking online and via our app is
very convenient, sometimes you just like to talk to a real person for peace of mind…well, I am that

Working from home can be a real juggling act, especially when small people are involved. Mornings
and evenings tend to be the busiest times for the phone lines, so I tend to work at these times more
so I can accommodate as many calls as possible, especially when any of our Moos are poorly and I
need to call a full column to reschedule. This is honestly the most stressful part of my job, and I can
assure you that I will do my absolute best to keep your appointments where possible.
I manage the bookings line (open 8 am-8 pm Monday-Saturday) and while I may not always answer
your call straight away (as I can’t be on call for all of that time) please don’t think I’ve forgotten you.
Please leave me a message and I will always get back to you as soon as possible.
I work 5 hours a day in total but tend to work these hours as and when I am needed. I mean, it’s the
perfect job for a mum of young children as it can be flexible around the smalls, but I also want to
make sure I am giving you the best service possible.

If I haven’t been able to pick up your call, you can also just drop me a text or WhatsApp. This is
especially great when life is busy or you’re in a work meeting, and I will pick it up as soon as possible.
I am always here to help afterall.
My number is 07778 906274

Top tip! Please bear in mind that the salons are super busy and if you can’t get the appointment
time/day you require, we will always endeavour to offer you a suitable alternative. Clients are
catching on to the fact that booking ahead wins the day, so if you have a holiday/wedding/special
occasion that you would like to have a treatment for, get it booked quickly! (Bookings for Christmas
started in January!)

Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you feel that we do really go over and above to
accommodate your booking requests, as there would not be any Mooeys without you all!

Speak to you soon!

Sophie x