Happy Easter to all our lovely clients, I hope you are all staying well and making the most of this beautiful sunshine!

If, like me, you’ve spent most of the bank holiday weekend in the garden, you’ll no doubt be panicking about the hair re – growth starting to appear since your last wax.


I wanted to give you a few tips on how to maintain your regrowth from home and not to panic and reach for that razor that may be calling your name from the bathroom.

If you can try and grow your brows out then please do so! We can’t wait to get back to the salons to take control of them for you, however in the meantime, if you really can’t cope then PLEASE only pluck from underneath, and only take strays that are clearly out of place, however, if you’re not sure if a hair should be gotten rid of, it probably shouldn’t SO STEP AWAY FROM THE TWEEZERS.

Bikini, legs, underarms and anything else you normally wax!
Please do NOT take a razor to the area, this will encourage the hairs to come back thicker and stronger and will result in stubble rather than the smooth finish you’re used to from your wax.


The best way to keep on top of those pesky hairs is to trim them down. Use a pair of really sharp nail scissors (please be careful when doing this) and trim closely to the skin, this will not affect your hair growth for your next wax, but it will help maintain growth for the time being.

Let’s face it, in these uncertain times we still want to make ourselves feel a little nicer, however, let’s not panic if we aren’t preened from head to toe. The beauty of staying at home is that it’s only people in your house that really get to see you, and let’s face it, they bloody love you regardless of the additional hair or lack of gel polish!

We really cannot wait to get back to the salons and see all of your lovely faces and get back to doing what we do best!

But for now…Stay safe, stay home and enjoy this glorious weather!

Lots of love,

Head Honcho Moo x