Why do some therapists opt for Strip Wax over Hot Wax?

I don’t think I know of a Beauty Therapist who has been trained in waxing that wasn’t taught to use strip wax on the face or bikini area. It’s a speedy and precise way of removing unwanted hair on areas that are in plain sight and clients(both male and female,) just want it all off and quickly! (Although back in the black and white days when I trained at college, waxing the eyebrows wasn’t even a thing; we did it with tweezers!)

That said there are very few Beauty Therapists (if any) that I have met who have practiced this method of hair removal on the face and haven’t taken off someone’s skin with it in the process. The weeping eyebrow is a classic example. This is where the skin simply cannot resist the pull of the strip wax, as it is far too sticky for such delicate skin.

This doesn’t happen every time of course – some faces, (particularly more with olive skin,) can withstand strip wax but you’re playing Russian Roulette with your client’s skin by using it at all. Even with the best prep; using talc to ensure there is no moisture left on the skin; wiping off any excess, skin tearing can still happen.

A Cautionary Tale

I remember one time (at a different salon many years ago) waxing the sides of a client’s face with strip wax and then looking in horror as I realised I’d taken a patch of skin off of her cheek. It was about the size of a penny, and it had begun to weep already. It’s such an avoidable situation, and we at Mooeys will NEVER use strip wax on the face, or intimate areas, for that same reason.

The skin, in the same fashion, can tear also on the intimate bikini area when waxed with strip wax. The skin is again, extremely sensitive and just as fragile. Hot wax allows us to remove the hair without the stickiness and to give a quick, clean, efficient wax every time. It also reduces redness, is far less painful and less messy too.

Hot Wax = Happy Skin

The way this works is that we apply a very thin layer of oil to the skin before we apply the hot wax. This allows the wax to be applied and set around the hair and the contour of the skin rather than on the surface of the skin. Because of the oil, the hot wax simply cannot stick to the skin and therefore reduces the risk of tearing to virtually nil. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! The hair is removed from the root and not snapped as can sometimes happen with strip wax.

When I qualified in Beauty Therapy some 25+ years ago, I had little experience of hot wax, just being able to do the ‘figure of eight’ on a fellow student’s leg with a cricket bat spatula that was required at college to pass my exam. The hot wax heater was like something out of the dark ages, comprising of a pot of wax and an empty pot with a sieve, into which you would strain the hair (and god knows what else) out of the used wax through the sieve, and re-use the wax for the next client. I mean, can you imagine??!! These days, and even more so in these Covid-ravaged days, everything is disposable to ensure that we are providing the most hygienic and professional treatments ever.

Mooticians are ALL Waxing Specialists

My waxing world was turned upside down when I came to work at Mooeys. I personally had completed Intimate Waxing training some 8 years before, but with strip wax, which was just a faff from start to finish. Our ethos at Mooeys is simply to care for our clients, while providing amazing professional treatments, and so, to use strip wax on their delicate skin would be the complete opposite of this. As soon as I started using hot wax on my first day at Mooeys, it made complete sense and I’ve never looked back. We have even developed our own formula of both Hot wax and Strip wax to ensure that we use the very best products and ingredients on our clients’ skin. It’s simply amazing and does such a thorough job, which is why our clients return time and time again.

Amy trained me to use hot wax when I first started at Mooeys 6 years ago, and since then I’ve had the pleasure of training all of the Farnham Moos in hot waxing. I can honestly say I believe we are the best waxers in town! It doesn’t matter who you see in the salon (although I know some of you have your faves ?) your treatment will be top notch and you will feel completely cared for. My mission is to train every therapist who decides to embark on our hot wax courses to be the best waxer and therapist that they can be!

If you are reading this and wondering whether to get a wax, I say; give it a try, you won’t be disappointed and it definitely won’t be as bad as you think! The number one comment I get at the end of a first-time treatment, no matter whether on the face or the bikini area, is “Oh! That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!”

Then, I can guarantee that like me, you’ll never look back ?

Love, Glam-Ma Moo x