We absolutely love franchising and everything it stands for. We love that we can help people become independent and work for themselves, but give them the support of a larger, more experienced and successful company.

Ever since I started Mooeys Franchise, the one thing I have enjoyed the most is seeing what each Franchisee comes up with when it comes to decor and design of their own Mooeys Franchise. I encourage every Franchisee to put their own stamp on things when it comes to decking out their own salon. I want the salons to have their own unique design, but in keeping with the general Mooeys Vibe.

My salon in Farnham is more ‘countryside chic’ and my Horsham branch is definitely along the lines of ‘fun and funky’. So when we are working with Franchisees, I love finding out what their style is and seeing how they interpret our decor and design guidelines in line with their own tastes.

Many Franchisors (such as Starbucks and Costa for example) will give you a brochure of the furniture you can choose and you have very limited creative input. With most franchises, it is all about making your franchise look exactly the same as all of their other stores to keep the branding in sync.
With a Mooeys franchise I like that we have individuality across our salons, I love seeing the creative flair from each Franchisee, and although the salons don’t look exactly the same, it is really clear that they are part of the same group.

Emma Fryer who has got a branch In Haslemere, Surrey has a real love for bright jewel colours. Her salon is called ‘The Colourful One’ because of all of the bright and bold colours she has throughout her salon. Emma started the trend of having beautiful velour armchairs in bright, bold colours for her pedicure area. Combine this with rustic woods and a use of recycled and up cycled furniture and you get a really beautiful, homely feel to a salon.

Gigi Da Silva who has a branch in Godalming, Surrey is from Manaus in the Amazon Rainforest. So when we were going through her wallpaper options, I suggested she had parrots with a more tropical twist instead of the British blue tits we have used before. Gigi loved this idea and really ran with it, so you will find lots of her Brazilian flair throughout the salon both with her gorgeous wallpaper choices, colourful armchairs and the abundance of beautiful potted plants too. It really has Gigi all over it. Her salon feels fresh and vibrant – just like her.

Vanessa Moss who has a salon in Petersfield, Hampshire has a real eye for design. She has the most beautiful Matthew Williamson wallpaper which is bright and cheery, but with a modern design. We call Mooeys Petersfield ‘The Chic One’ for this very reason. The furniture is a blend of different pinks with cow prints, her wallpaper is a mixture of colour and cows and it is tied in with natural woods and original features too. It is Chic by name and of course by nature.

All of the salons are absolutely beautiful, have a super welcoming feel and incredible vibe that is comfortable for all. This is something we pride ourselves on and although the salons are all gorgeous, this ‘vibe’ comes from the people – not the wallpaper. Finding the right Franchisee is all about finding the soul that cares about people, about service and about delivering excellent treatments in a warm and inviting environment. No amount of decor can create this, but when you combine the right Franchisee with the right design and their own personal touch – it really is the secret recipe to success.

How would your salon look? What would be your unique style? What twist would you put into your own Mooeys?

If you are interested in having your own Beauty Salon Franchise, the Mooeys really is the best option. Our team is epic and our Franchisees are incredible humans. You will never be alone when working with Mooeys as we all truly care about each others success.

So, get in touch and let’s see if this is the right option for you.