The Moo Wax Range from Mooeys

Hi there Moo loves,

This is just a little intro for those of you who haven’t yet he(a)rd!

Here at Mooeys, we only want to use the very best stuff for your skin so that you are getting not just the best results from our treatments; but also feeling the effects of some seriously good pampering long after your leave our salons. So, with that in mind, we got a bit creative and crafted our very own skincare and wax range: The Moo Wax Range!

Now, we intro’d you to the skincare side of the range recently (The Professional Moo), but did you know that we also created the wax we use on you in our treatments too? It’s getting some hot press at the moment in the beauty world so we thought we should give you lovely lot the low-down too. After all, it’s your skin it’s treating, you should know what’s going on it, and why.

It was essential to us that our Moo products HAVE to be natural, eco-conscious, effective and leave you feeling lush.

The Pre & Post wax products (The Professional Moo range) contain our signature blend of essential oils, which have been chosen for their incredible properties which give the best results. So they don’t just smell amazing, but they really nurture the skin after waxing which is something Amy is super passionate about. We wanted products that actually target and treat the client’s skin, rather than just being full of artificial fragrance or ingredients that aren’t results driven.

We are super proud of it and are loving using a product that we know to be cruelty-free and carbon-footprint-friendly. But even better, we’ve found loads more uses for our skincare products too!

We challenged some of our Moos to come up with new ways to use our versatile Professional Moo range and here are some of our favourites:

Moo Care – Pre & Post Wax Oil
  • Use on the skin straight out the shower for soft, summery legs
  • Cleaning the kettle (great when there’s no cleaning sprays left on the Sainsbury’s click & collect)
  • Perfect for nourishing those cuticles
Moo Soothe – Pre & Post Wax Lotion
  • erm…what is this not good for?!
  • Run out of perfume? Not a problem! a dollop of Moo Soothe on your décolletage and you’ll be smelling gorgeous AND have beautiful supple skin!
  • Toddler smelling a bit whiffy? Swap the baby creams for some Moo Soothe and soothe those nostrils! (The lavender oil also helps with creating a lovely calming environment – perfect for post-bedtime bath to help calm little ones)
Moo Calm – Pre Wax Cleanser
  • Make-up remover – super effective even at removing eye make-up without leaving the eyes all sore and red before bed
  • Great as a Midday or Post-Workout hydrator – give your face a quick spritz to rehydrate before applying moisturiser
  • Get those tresses looking all summer-ready and tousled with a few spritzes and scrunches on damp hair


All skincare products are available for purchase on our website shop – pick up yours today and tell us your fave way of using it! x