We have been in business for nearly 10 years (I still can’t believe it sometimes) and there is nothing we don’t know about nails, that’s for sure. Over the last 5 years, since introducing The Gel Bottle products to our salons, our nail tech knowledge has gone from strength to strength. Gone are the days when we applied standard gel polish using Shellac – that feels like ancient history now.

Times have changed, as has our offering and the results our clients are getting because of the investment we have made into knowledge, training, and products. Up until about 2 years ago, our most popular service was always a gel polish removal and reapplication. Now, it’s all about the infills and I’m really not surprised, considering the results we are getting across all of our salons with both the Overlay and Infill options.
These services require a lot more skill and training than any other nail treatment because of the product we use and the results we aim to achieve. We pride ourselves on taking the best possible care of your natural nails while giving you the longest-lasting results, of course.

So, what are overlays?
Think nail extension, without the tips. We don’t lengthen your nail, but we do provide full coverage with BIAB, which is a builder gel. This gel is harder than any gel polish, so it stops your nails from bending and flexing. If you have weak, brittle, or bendy nails – this is the treatment for you.

Overlay treatments allow you to grow your natural nails longer than you ever have before. They are hard wearing but also gentle to your natural nail, encouraging them to grow in a really healthy state.

What we love about an overlay is that it can be infilled and can be left a lovely nude colour (we have a wide choice of BIAB colours) or you can add a gel polish on top if you like.
Overlays are a unique service that requires quite a lot of skill, so it’s not something found in a lot of salons. We have become absolute pros with them because it really aligns with our whole ethos of ‘nurturing your natural’ which we have been promoting for years, as you probably know.

Overlays need infilling rather than full removal and redoing every time. However, we highly recommend you don’t have more than 3 infill services in a row. We need to remove your overlays to check the health of your natural nail underneath. We need to ensure everything is okay, check that you don’t have any nasty allergies or problems occurring for whatever reason, and give you a fresh new set. It’s also incredible to see your natural nails when they are in great condition. I bet they have never looked so good or been so long.

Water is the nemesis when it comes to gel treatments. Why? Because it softens the natural nail and can lift the gel. If this happens and any water gets in between the gel and your natural nail, it can cause what we call in the industry ‘greenies.’ These look a lot worse than they are but can lead to infections and allergies, so it’s really important we check everything is okay.

We have now introduced an Overlay Removal and Redo service to our list. For you die-hard overlay fans, we will now be advising that you do your overlay service as normal, have no more than 3 infills and then have a removal and redo. This is our professional advice and also the advice of the product supplier, The Gel Bottle, For all the reasons mentioned above.

How often do I need my Infill treatments done?

Gel overlays are a commitment, sure, but if you take good care of your nails and have your regular maintenance services, your nails will not only look beautiful, but you can also be sure they will be in optimum condition. We expect that you get approximately 3 weeks between every infill service, but this depends a lot on how quickly your natural nails grow. Some people can get up to 4 weeks and some like their infills done every other week so they are always looking immaculate. It really is completely up to you.

Do I need Overlays?
If you can hold a gel polish on your natural nail for 2-3 weeks, then you don’t need this treatment; you can stick with the standard gel manicure and removal. If you are looking to have your natural nails extended, then you would need Extensions, where we add the tips for you. Then, you would have the tips infilled going forward, leading to a removal and overlay application as your natural nails will be plenty long enough after 3 infill services.

Price Increase
Because of the technicality, the time frame of treatments, and the amount of product used in infills especially, we are having to apply a small increase to the prices to bring the treatment price in line with our other nail services. As with everything in life, our costs have gone up, and since launching these particular treatments, the amount of product we need to use is double that of any other nail service we offer. Therefore, we are applying a £3 increase on infills, with or without colour, as of 1st December 2023.

Can I still buy the Infill courses?
Of course, but you will need to factor in that you will need to pay for an overlay removal and re-do service in the middle of your course.

For those who don’t know, we offer courses on of our services, so you can buy 6 treatments and get one for free. If you have Infills regularly, then you can buy your course at the old price until the 30th November. So, if you like a bargain – get your course added to your next bill and save some money before the price increases.

Lots of Love

Amy (Head Wench)