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Does waxing hurt?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that having a wax can be a bit daunting. Believe us, we’ve all been there! But it really doesn’t need to be, especially when it’s being carried out using great quality wax and the right technique. At Mooeys, we always want our clients to feel as comfortable as possible – so to help you feel at ease, we’ve put together some answers to our frequently asked questions.

Does it hurt?2019-01-25T15:20:55+00:00

We cannot say that it is pain free, however it isn’t awful. Everyone has different pain thresholds and we will quickly be able to find out what your threshold is and adapt the treatment accordingly. For example, if you find it very painful then we wouldn’t do large pieces at a time and would stretch your skin a bit more. Small touches, which is what we are great at, also really help with the pain. Some people also take paracetamol before they come. This is your choice, however we will make the experience as pleasant as possible for you. Chatting during your treatment always helps as well – so feel free to have a good ol’ gas! Plus, the more frequently you have it done, the easier it becomes. By the third treatment it won’t be a problem at all!

Do I have to get on all fours?2018-11-15T16:46:54+00:00

The simple answer is no! We don’t like this style of waxing and find it quite degrading. We have a simple technique that doesn’t put you through such an experience. But don’t worry – we will still get everything!

Do you do any other type of waxing?2019-01-25T15:14:08+00:00

Yes we offer all types of waxing, however we specialise in our ‘Ultimate Mooey’ treatment. If you want waxing in any other areas then please just ask.

What’s different about this wax?2019-01-25T15:13:11+00:00

It’s the peel-off style of this wax which makes it different and stops it sticking to the skin. We use a barrier oil beforehand which then just allows the wax to set around the hair. This prevents that ripping sensation you get with the strip-style wax and really is much less painful because of this. It also gives a smoother finish, less ingrown hairs and can get the hairs when they are much shorter.

Do I have to be naked?2019-01-25T15:11:26+00:00

You can keep your top clothes on but we will ask you to remove your underwear. We have disposable g-strings if you are shy or worried; however, the treatment is much easier and quicker if you bare all. Please don’t worry as we have seen this all before and it is something we do all day, everyday. We have seen every style of women’s bits possible so yours won’t be any different – trust us!

Is there somewhere to freshen up beforehand?2019-01-25T15:10:18+00:00

Yes we do have a toilet which has various refreshment bits in. The therapists will leave the room for you if you want to have a freshen up. Please don’t be shy in asking either – it’s normal and we are more than happy for you to have a few moments if that would make you more comfortable.

How quickly does the hair grow back?2019-01-25T15:09:16+00:00

Everyone is different but the average time frame is around about one month. The more waxing treatments you have, the finer your hair grows back. So you may find that you will be having your treatment done every six weeks eventually. The hair also doesn’t grow back like it does when you shave or use removal cream. It will come back finer and more sporadic.

Doesn’t the hair just grow back prickly?2019-01-25T15:08:19+00:00

No it doesn’t. When you pull the hair out from the root, it grows back with a fine point like hair does naturally. When you shave or use removal cream, you chop the top off so it comes back blunt which is why it feels prickly.

How frequently do I need to have my waxing done?2019-01-25T15:07:15+00:00

This is very unique to each individual. The majority of clients will have it done monthly, just as part of their regular maintenance. Some people can’t stand any hair so will have it done every other week (we will do this at a cheaper rate because it is less time and product) and some people just don’t need it done that frequently. It is better to have it done regularly though as it comes back finer and more sporadic. If you have it done now and again but shave in between then the pain levels don’t change and neither does the hair growth.

How long does it take?2018-11-15T17:21:04+00:00

Approximately 30 minutes. We book out 45 minutes for your first appointment just in case we need some more time and so you don’t feel rushed, but after that it will be more like 20 – 30 minutes.

Is it only young people that have this done or can anyone have it?2019-01-25T15:04:12+00:00

We have clients of all ages coming to us for waxing. It is all about you as an individual and what you prefer. An age doesn’t even come into it; however, we won’t do the ‘Ultimate Mooey’ treatment on anyone under 18. So if you look like a young pup, we may ask for I.D.

Will I bruise or bleed?2019-01-25T15:01:06+00:00

A lot of people have had some awful experiences with bleeding and bruising, especially when it comes to waxing. Normally this is caused by strip-style wax as it pulls the skin a lot more or because the skin is super sensitive. Everyone is different and if you do have sensitive skin then you can bruise slightly sometimes. This tends to stop when you have waxing done frequently. If your hair is very long, it can sometimes also cause the wax to pull slightly. So you can always have a bit of a trim if you are worried. Bleeding is caused because we are pulling the hair from the root. This is generally on very coarse hair but as you have more treatments, the roots get finer which then makes it easier for the hair to be removed and in turn causes a lot less bleeding. Our style of waxing is gentle, but quick.

How long does the hair have to be for waxing?2019-01-25T14:56:57+00:00

About half a centimetre or more is the right sort of length. On average, if you don’t do any wax removal for 2 weeks then it should be right. The wax needs to be able to stick to the hair so a couple of days worth of regrowth is not enough. If you are unsure then you can always pop in and we will check for you before you go ahead and book an appointment.

What’s the difference between this type of waxing and the strip-style wax?2019-02-22T10:34:10+00:00

Strip wax sticks to the skin which causes more of a stinging sensation when it is ripped off. We put an oil barrier on the skin to protect it before applying our wax. This wax is better quality and designed for very sensitive areas, making it perfect for getting into more intimate areas – without making you feel conscious about your private parts. Because the wax sets around the hairs, it can also be applied and taken off in any direction which is very different to the strip-style wax. This reduces ingrown hairs and bruising and is much less painful for you.

Can I book online?2018-11-15T17:24:17+00:00

Yes you can book online so you can make an appointment whenever it suits you.

Will there be men around or do you do this treatment for men as well?2022-06-06T22:55:06+01:00

All of our services other than the Ultimate Mooey are completely gender neutral, so we have a real mix of clients visiting us.
All waxing is carried out in a treatment room so rest assured all your private parts will stay private!

How private is the area that the treatment will take place in?2019-01-25T14:38:46+00:00

The waxing area is extremely private and the only people who will be in there are you and the therapist.

I am really shy. I don’t like getting naked and I am a bit worried about someone seeing my bits?2019-01-25T14:38:05+00:00

Please don’t worry. We have done this treatment lots of times and will do everything possible to make you comfortable. We are friendly and approachable, so just talk to us.

What if I am really hairy?2019-01-25T14:36:43+00:00

It doesn’t matter to us how hairy you are, but it can be a bit more uncomfortable for you if your hair is very long. In this case, it would be better for you if you trimmed slightly, otherwise we don’t mind at all. But the good thing about hot wax is that it doesn’t really matter how long the hair is. Sometimes a light bruising can happen with longer hair though, just so you know.

I have allergies to some products, will I have a reaction to the wax?2019-02-22T10:42:32+00:00

The waxes we use are all hypoallergenic, but some of them do contain fragrance. We can always do a patch test on you if you would like to see if you react, and we do have a variety of waxes, some designed for super-sensitive skins so we see which one is better. We will have the wax for you! If you normally have a reaction to products, then bring an anti-histamine with you just in case. We cannot guarantee that you won’t have a reaction as everyone is different and everyone’s skin has a different sensitivity.

I suffer with ingrown hairs a lot – will this help or make it worse?2019-01-25T14:32:43+00:00

Ingrown hairs are caused by various things. However, this happens predominantly because the hair follicle is damaged slightly or there is a build up of skin in that area which prevents the hair from growing out of the hair follicle. The best thing you can do is exfoliate. The wax we use will also prevent damaging of the hair follicle as it pulls the hair by setting around it. Strip-style waxing can sometimes just snap or break the hair rather than pull it out which is a reason why some people get ingrown hairs more so with waxing. We can always try and get them out for you during your treatment as sometimes they can be tricky to get out yourself.

What shape can I have on the front – or is it okay to have it all off?2019-01-25T14:29:44+00:00

This is entirely a personal choice. You can have a landing strip as it’s known, a triangle, a square or just nothing at all. We can try and do hearts but this is very tricky, especially if your hair is straight!

What is the difference between Brazilian and Hollywood waxing?2019-01-25T14:28:06+00:00

One has a strip and one is all off. We don’t like to worry about the name or charge different prices for different names. At Mooeys, we let you choose what you want – while doing a really good job at getting all of the hair off that you don’t want!

The thought of having someone waxing all of my bits makes me very nervous?2018-11-16T16:15:48+00:00

We have seen it all before and everyone is different anyway. Please don’t worry about coming to see us, we will make you feel at ease straight away. We are very laid back and believe that it’s all about feeling comfortable and having a great service. We will look after you so you have nothing to worry about – promise.

Do you wax everything?2019-01-25T14:26:27+00:00

In a roundabout answer – yes! We do all of the sides and front unless you want to leave a bit. We do the entire underneath, including inside the lips too. We then do the back and bum too. This sounds a lot worse than it is but trust us when we say that once you’ve had it done once, you will never want to have any other style of hair removal. Smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Do you do any kind of deal if I pre-pay?2019-01-25T14:24:47+00:00

Yes we do. Please look at the pricing options on the purchasing page. If you join our mailing list we will also send out offers or seasonal specials etc.

Why is it more expensive than regular waxing?2019-02-22T10:40:09+00:00

The reason it’s more expensive is because the treatment requires far more skill and we use a very good quality wax. Our therapists are also trained by Amy Lewis, the director of Mooeys. That or she will be doing the treatment herself and she really is an absolute perfectionist who expects the same from every member of the team.

Does size matter, as in my size?2022-06-06T22:52:47+01:00

Most definitely not. We welcome anyone – of all shapes and sizes.

Can everyone have this treatment done?2019-01-25T14:20:42+00:00

Yes anyone can have this treatment done but if you are pregnant then you may have to get on all fours depending on how far gone you are. This treatment is delivered on a bed though, so as long as you can get on and off the bed then we can do your treatment. If this isn’t possible then speak to us as we will always try and find a way to suit you – even if it has to be done on the floor, we will try!

How Inclusive are you?2022-08-06T15:46:29+01:00

We welcome all, and are on a mission to make Mooeys completely gender neutral by 2023.
Unfortunately this isn’t quite possible yet as our intimate waxing (The Ultimate Mooey and Mini Mooey wax) are for vulva’s only at this present moment in time. This is because our Moos haven’t completed the specific training required for scrotum waxing – but we are working on it we promise.

All of our other treatments are completely gender neutral and we truly welcome all.
At Mooeys we just want you to feel safe in our comMOOnity. Your age, race, gender, ability, religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation does not even come into it – one love all!
This goes for both our Moos and clients equally!

If you would like a copy of our EDI policy, please just get in touch.

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