At Mooeys we specialise in Intimate waxing with Hot Wax, Gel Nails and regular waxing.

These are my favourite treatments to do, and they are also the treatments that people have done most regularly, yet not all therapists do consistently well.

When I set up Mooeys, I wanted to offer treatments that all therapists can do. If we only offer a few treatments, we can do them brilliantly, rather than offer hundreds of treatments that aren’t all delivered as well as it is very dependent on the therapist that you are booked in with. Also, from a business perspective, it is really difficult to manage sickness or holiday cover when a particular therapist is the only one who can do certain treatments, so it all fitted together.

With all of this in mind, I decided to create a business concept where we specialise in a few treatments, and allow therapists to be absolute masters of what we offer. That way if anyone is off for any reason, the client can still be taken care of just as well with someone else. Now obviously, some people get on better with others, but it allows us to be more flexible and avoid letting clients down as much as possible.

As a therapist myself, it is really difficult to be excellent at all treatments that a salon can offer.

Some salons literally have 100+ treatments – How can any therapist know every treatment, and deliver them all exceptionally well?
Therapists tend to be more passionate about a particular area of the industry (This is purely from my experience of managing many therapists), whether that is more of the holistic side of things such as massage, reflexology etc, or the skincare and make up side of things. Then there are therapists like myself, who love all things with in instant result such as nails and waxing. It’s like assuming that every chef is brilliant in cooking all types of cuisine don’t you think?

So that’s where the concept came from. I also learned how to do Intimate waxing really bloody well in a salon in Sydney. They really know how to wax over there and I learned from some of the best therapists I have ever met in the industry. Intimate waxing really is my thing, because it can be the best treatment ever if it is done correctly, but if it isn’t, it can make someone feel really insecure, and I want all of our clients to feel comfortable, knowing that they are in great hands.

After gaining as much experience as I could, within various positions in the Salon and Spa industry, I then decided that I would set up something of my own, and specialise in the treatments that I loved the most. I have always been passionate about service, and I love being with clients and chatting, but found that a lot of salons and spas don’t give the social or personal element that I always craved.

I really wanted somewhere that mums were welcome, and somewhere that was non-judgemental. I truly believe that all clients should be treated the same, and all experience great, yet fun service, because they are all paying the same price.

I wanted to avoid the intimidating salon experience, and offer a salon that was super friendly, even empowering. Somewhere clients wanted to hang out in, to look forward to visiting, and feel valued as a customer.
To this day, I have always followed these ‘rules’ that I created in the beginning, and believe that having these core values, I attract a certain style of therapist who really flourish in this type of environment, and this is what has made Mooeys the success it is today.

I have an incredible team of passionate Moos, who all feel the same, and love chatting as much as me which helps! I wouldn’t be anywhere without them, and know that they love working in Mooeys, as much as our clients like visiting.

So thank you, for being the exact person we were hoping to attract when we opened our doors. You make this whole business what it is, and we just love it!


AKA Head Wench x