Let’s not beat around the bush!

I have been meaning to write a blog about waxing for ever! I mean, it has been one of those things on my to do list for what feels like 6 years since I opened Mooeys (I am not kidding!).

I always get asked, why I chose to specialise in just Nails and waxing. And the main reason is because I bloody love these treatments. I love doing them as a therapist, and really enjoy the results as a client too. But in the Beauty industry, I always found that there are therapists who specialise in massage and facials, but hardly any that specialised in just waxing. We are a rare breed for sure!

I knew this was what I wanted to focus on. I have always been really passionate about waxing, and making clients as comfortable as possible. I wanted to make sure that if you come to Mooeys, you are guaranteed a great waxing service that is a lot less painful than some others out there. To get these results we use hot wax. It is so much gentler to your skin, yet still gives great results. It doesn’t stick to the skin, as we use an oil barrier, which means that the wax sets around the hairs, rather than to your skin like a strip style wax does. You get less ingrown hairs with this wax, and it is a lot less painful, as it doesn’t pull the skin – win win right?

We have various waxing services, but our main ones are definitely bikini waxing, and these are our services and what is involved.

The Ultimate Mooey – This can either leave a strip, or have everything taken off. We will wax your bum hole, inside the labia (lips) and basically everywhere that has hair. We aren’t looking at your Vulva, or comparing it to anyone else’s. All we care about is leaving you bald and smooth. So, fear not, there is absolutely zero judgement on you, your lovely jubbly bits, or anything else. The reason I want to express this, is because the thoughts that go through our heads as women is insane, and I want to eradicate as much of those negative thoughts as possible. We truly care about our clients, and want you to have a great experience with us, enjoy the vibes and feel mega comfortable, so get naked, relax and let us do our thing ?
Oh, and we always throw in a free eyebrow, lip or chin wax with an Ultimate – just because it’s nice to get something for free really

The Mini Mooey – This one is like a G-String bikini wax. We won’t do your bum, or fully inside the Labia. But we will go really high and do a lot of the underneath. You will be left with hair, but can wear a disposable G-String for this one, or your own undies. But don’t wear fancy ones for us, we would hate to get wax on your best drawers and ruin them!

The Standard Bikini – This is for people who just want a tidy up really. So, anything on the outside of underwear or swimsuits. Not much underneath, and definitely no bums. You can wear knickers for this one too, but remember what I said – no fancy ones please!

Now because we care so much about waxing, we went about creating our own brand with the knowledge and experience we have. Sooo, we use our very own Moo Wax for both strip and hot waxing. We even have our very own Moo Fresh wipes for intimate waxing, so you can have a freshen up before your wax if you want too (one less thing for you to worry about). We are in the process of creating our own products to go alongside our treatments, which will be really good for your skin, and have just pure essential oils in – no fragrance! We are so excited about this.
Oh, and we are creating a Mooeys Masters training course too, so we can really help other therapists become absolute Pro’s when it comes to waxing. We will be covering so many topics that we feel are mega important when dealing with clients all day, such as Pre and Post-natal care, Sexual Health and spotting the signs of domestic abuse to name a few. Watch this space – it’s all happening in Mooeys headquarters, aka my dining room table!

So for now, I am off to go and figure out how I am going to achieve all of this! But I would like to say a huge thank you for reading this, and for being a follower of Mooeys. I hope you love it as much as we do.

Amy (Head Wench) xx