Why be a franchisee?

When I left Nursing on the 30th August 2019, the next day I was like ‘OMG I am a business owner and an employer. Shit has just got real!’

I’ve had both friends and colleagues admit their scepticism about my career change but BOOYAH; I showed you.

I can now tell you that they are super proud of me and have eaten their words.

Well it wasn’t just me.. there is a magical and amazing team at Mooeys headquarters, known as the Operations Team, who without the support of, I could not have enjoyed the same success as we’re seeing now just one year in! (and in the middle of a bloody pandemic! Go us!)

Many people have asked me; why be a franchisee? What’s the point in paying the franchise fee? Well let me tell you why..


Experts at your fingertips:

As someone who was only ever a customer of Mooeys, and a novice when it comes to beauty therapy, the Ops team’s knowledge and skills have been like liquid gold to me, so it was a no-brainer to buy a franchise rather than setting up on my own.

Coming from a job where I didn’t have any responsibility of budgets and payroll to running my own business and dealing with employees, wages and all the HR issues that inevitably come with all that was a heck of leap! Understanding a finance sheet doesn’t happen overnight.

The beauty of being a franchisee, however, is that I have the full support of the Mooeys family whilst still branching out on my own.

Amy has been with me every step of the way from our first meeting where we were sussing one another out; to the continued everyday support.

(And before you ask; no, we didn’t know each other before I chose to be a franchisee. I had only heard of the infamous Amy as by then she’d left the Farnham branch and moved out of the area to open Horsham.)

An inspirational support network:

The amazing big boss Amy Lewis is an inspirational woman who has the biggest balls I know, she has no fear and such drive and creativity it can be exhausting, in a good way though. Amy just knows what she wants and goes for it gun-blazing and podcasts-blaring.

There have never been any judgemental attitudes, only constructive help and friendly advice from the Ops team.

Jo (Salon Manager, Mooeys Farnham) is a fount of knowledge and has the best teaching style coupled with the patience of a saint.

Amy and Jo have been a constant source of support and encouragement when I had my ‘what the hell am I doing’ days.

Emily (Operations Manager & Salon Manager, Mooeys Horsham) is the coolest person I have ever met. She is always on trend and looks awesome every time I see her.

Emily is an amazing manager and always available for advice and is so creative with the social media. She never complains when I send a barrage of pics to her.

All in all, everyone is so uplifting and are genuinely looking to help each other to succeed.


Independence & Individuality:

I don’t just mean the independence that comes with one’s own book-keeping, but the kind of independence that motivates and encourages everybody to give their own special-something to the business. I love how all the Moo team can be themselves at work, keeping their own style and not feel the need to conform to the stereotypical spa-like salons (floaty, whispering, bun-hair, whale music salons), which I personally find quite intimidating. Mooeys is the polar opposite and I love that.


So what advice do I have for you?

One year in and I still have questions about ‘what is what’, how much stock to order and where items need to go in my spreadsheets. Like I said; it doesn’t happen overnight.
So my advice to you future franchisees; start looking at your finance sheets and get familiar with them. Get to grips with the fundamentals and then other aspects will start slot into place and it all gets a lot easier to understand. One of the best ways to do this is to learn from the boss herself. Check out Mooeys Masters for details of a new exciting training course coming in 2021, designed to help all budding entrepreneurs learn the basics of business management. Covering everything from budgets and marketing plans to HR and business plans; Mooeys Masters has really helped me learn aspects of running a business that independently, would’ve taken years to learn first-hand. I truly recommend it as one of the best courses I’ve been on.

I’m still getting to grips with it too. We all start as beginners and grow, and I’m still growing.


Mooeys Franchise Ltd offers therapists and budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to make self-employment a reality. With two franchisees already in operation, Mooeys is now offering the opportunity for others to join ‘the Herd’, own their own salon and run a profitable and proven business.
If you are keen to own and operate your own business in the growing and profitable beauty market, with the constant support and encouragement that the Mooeys Franchise offers, send your details to Amy Lewis (franchise@mooeys.co.uk) who will contact you to discuss this exciting franchise opportunity.

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