Laser has quickly become the most popular hair removal option of choice in the USA and Europe, however, is now becoming more and more popular in the UK too. To be honest, it’s not surprising demand for this treatment is on the increase considering the results you get with it, especially for people who suffer from Ingrown Hairs.

Laser hair removal is the only way to ensure pain free, permanent hair removal. People are becoming frustrated by the upkeep of shaving and regular waxing appointments and not to mention if you suffer
with ingrown hairs which can be uncomfortable or even painful, but also cause insecurity in some people, especially when holiday time comes around.

Ingrown hairs are really common. They are caused when the hair has been removed and starts to grow back into the skin resulting in inflammation and even infection. You are more prone to ingrown hairs if you shave or pluck as they don’t remove the hair follicle, however some people can also suffer with ingrown hairs after waxing. There are various exfoliating treatments that can help reduce the dead skin cells in order to allow the hairs to grow through the skin freely, however if you have a darker or coarser hair, then the hair can reach the surface of the skin and coil back down into the hair follicle. This is where the pain, discomfort and infections can come from.

Laser hair removal emits infrared laser light that targets the hair follicles which produce the hair itself. It damages the hair follicle which then inhibits and delays hair growth. It is THE most effective way of preventing ingrown hairs as the laser targets the root and therefore stops it from producing hair which then in turn stops ingrown hairs forming. If you stop the hairs from growing, then you won’t have any hairs to become ingrown – simple!

At Mooeys we use the Contour Dio Ice machine from The Contour Group. It has a triple wavelength which is super high quality, pain free, and suitable for ALL skin types, body types, genders and nearly every hair type*.

Clients typically need between 6-10 treatments 4-6 weeks apart to be completely hair free. So, If you find yourself repeatedly suffering with ingrown hairs, why not get in touch and have a chat with one of our fully qualified therapists? We have a strictly no pressure to commit policy. Our FREE consultations are to ensure you are ok to have the treatment

*Hair has to be pigmented, so super fair or white hair cannot be treated I’m afraid. Your hair has to be darker than your skin – that is the general rule.