this little beauty deserves a place on your bathroom shelf

First of all, I’m no beauty therapist, this is not a pitch. This is not my attempt to sell a technique to you. This is a humble office gal’s honest opinion of trying something a little different to what is normally handed to me after an intimate wax (or as we call them at Mooeys; an Ultimate Mooey).

Now I have been having this same wax for about 15 years, but due my constant relocating, I have been legs akimbo on many a salon bed and never kept regular with a place for more than a year at most. I can tell you that I’ve seen the inside of some pretty wonderful treatment rooms as well as my fair share of pretty dodgy cubicles and lean-tos! (I have to say; don’t judge a book by its cover! Some of those cubicles gave great results.) But the consistency of the greasy, unclean, need-to-go-home-and-shower-before-I-put-proper-clothes-on feeling has been unchanged from salon to salon.

I never go for a wax wearing what I want to wear for the rest of that day. Why? Because the oil-down of that red raw skin afterwards always leaves a greasy feeling and to be honest my skin has never gotten on well with any kind of oil. My stretch marks and oil-stained sheets are proof of that. (Yes, I’m looking at you Bio-Oil!)

That after-wax wipe down always sits on the surface of the skin and doesn’t do a lot other than make my clothes kinda icky and leaves me desperate to get in a hot shower and wash it all off – not ideal really. (Heed your therapists’ warnings about hot baths and showers folks!) Plus, it’s massively inconvenient to getting on with my day. Lunchbreak wax? Can’t go home during the working day. Post-school-run wax? Add a shower in there and it’s nearly time to pick the blighters up again!

So, today I thought I’ll give the Moo Care a go. I’ve been using it on my legs after showering and I’ve been really chuffed with the results. Moo Care is perfect for after-shower moisturising, this oil won’t leave you feeling greasy and will add a touch of luxury with it’s gorgeous scent. I normally have such dry, cracked skin on my shins and the Moo Care has been working wonders for them; despite my usual loathing of oil (can you tell?!).

So today, I thought I’ll bin the oily pad at the salon and use some Moo Care instead. I didn’t take it with me (but I definitely will next time!) as it was only a 2 minute walk home so not long between treatment and application.

First of all, let me tell you about the smell!

Oh my days, the smell seemed even more amazing than usual. I immediately felt better about just carrying on with my day and not showering as the scent alone made me feel fresher and (weirdly,) a bit glammed up. But the reason I rushed to write this as soon as I pulled the old leggings back up; is the texture. The Moo Care oil is not oily.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but it really does absorb so well and almost instantly into the skin. There is no feeling of slippery, greased-up skin, just smooth and soft. Perfect!

An added bonus was I didn’t wince thinking about what I was wiping over such vulnerable skin, wondering what chemicals are being absorbed into my body as I know already that the contents are natural, organic, skin-friendly ingredients.

I am SO in love with this oil now and that’s why I just had to rush to tell you all in this post because wow; what a difference it’s made to how I feel, and how much more convenient it’s made a wax appointment on a busy day. So lovelies, if there’s one product you want to try I urge you to pick up a bottle of Moo Care on your way in for a wax. Your skin will love you for it, and you in turn, will love your skin!