Step into the world of Mooeys where top notch treatments go hand in hand with a homely atmosphere, a non-judgemental vibe and add in an extra dose of family friendliness. Unlike your run-of-the-mill salons, Mooeys goes beyond mere beauty treatments; it’s a haven for the soul.

At Mooeys, we believe in setting high standards – not just for the quality of our services but also for the experience we offer. Our super skilled therapists (better known as Moo’s) are meticulous, ensuring that your nails and waxing are nothing short of flawless. But what sets us apart isn’t just the attention to detail; it’s the warm embrace of a home away from home. It’s also about the chat and the laughter, about being taken care of and feeling like you are in a safe space.

You’re relaxing in a cozy chair, surrounded by soothing colours and a welcoming ambiance that instantly puts you at ease. Mooeys prides itself on creating an environment that feels like a comforting escape, a place where you’re not just a client, but a cherished guest.

We’ve also created an environment that welcomes the entire family. From being baby and child friendly means you can share the pampering experience with your little ones with mini manicures but also not feel excluded just because you have a baby with you! We understand that parenting comes with its challenges so if you need to feed or change your baby whilst having a treatment or even need an extra pair of hands – we will do all we can to help and put you both at ease.

One of our core values is non-judgmental acceptance. Beauty is diverse, and so are our clients. At Mooeys, there’s no room for judgment or beauty standards that exclude. We celebrate individuality, whether you’re a nail art enthusiast, a waxing fanatic, or someone simply looking to treat themselves.

Our commitment to creating a judgement-free zone extends beyond our therapists to every corner of our salon. No matter your style, shape, or background, you’ll find a welcoming, friendly community at Mooeys. We understand that true beauty radiates from confidence and self-love, and we’re here to help you enhance that glow.

But it’s not just about appearances; it’s about the experience. Picture yourself sipping on a cup of hot tea while our talented Moo’s work their magic. At Mooeys, we’ve transformed the typical salon visit into a delightful retreat for your senses.

So, why has the Mooeys Group become so successful? Because we’re more than just a beauty destination – we’re a sanctuary for your soul. Come for the quality, stay for the warmth, and leave with a renewed sense of confidence.