Why Mooeys Supports a Price Increase and Pay Rise

As you may have seen, Mooeys has decided to increase our prices. It was a super tough decision but we have tried to keep it as minimal as possible and it will be taking place on the 1st March 2023.

At a time when it seems the cost of everything is increasing, we know this is probably not what you wanted to hear. That’s why we wanted to write this blog and explain everything that’s taken into account when we make these decisions.

Firstly, and probably the biggest reason is that the government are increasing minimum wages and we want to be able to give our staff a pay rise to ensure they aren’t paid minimum wage. They work so hard and are incredible therapists who go above and beyond for our customers, and at Mooeys we refuse to pay minimum wage. If therapists are employed by Mooeys it’s because we think they are the best at what they do and we think that deserves a higher pay rate. We believe in paying a real cost of living wage that is higher than the minimum wage set by the government, as it is a wage you can live on.
As a business employing through a cost of living crisis we feel it is especially important to support our Moo’s financially and although it is completely optional to pay a cost of living wage as an employer we are proud to offer this benefit to staff. 75% of employers that have also adopted this say it has increased motivation & retention rates for employees.

Secondly, our utilities and stock prices have increased alongside everyone else’s and we have absorbed these costs up until now but we have come to a point where that is no longer feasible to do as a business.

Thirdly, we have assessed how long it takes to perform each treatment and how profitable it is once wages and stock has been taken into account and some treatments were actually costing us and we were running at a loss which obviously isn’t great business sense! Alongside our own internal review of cost and pricing we have been out and spoken to our partners and others in the industry to benchmark our prices against competitors.
We found that Mooeys were often cheapest despite providing the highest quality treatment and service. Running at a loss is not sustainable for us as a company and we also have aligned to comparable industry prices. We didn’t want to cut down treatment time by cutting corners or scrimping on quality which would affect your whole experience with us.

At Mooeys we truly pride ourselves on the service we offer, and to be able to do that we need to use great quality products and more importantly have great staff. Our Moo’s mean the world to us and we want them to feel that fully. All price increases have been calculated to cover these costs and not the business profits.

You will notice a small increase in the cost of your treatments, nothing huge but we do realise every pound is significant right now. We hope this blog explains a little about where your money is going!

Thank you for your continued custom and support and we look forward to pampering you even more throughout 2023.

Lots of Love

Amy and the Mooeys Herd