The most common question we get is why Mooeys? Why that name in particular?

So here I am going to explain all about it!

When I started the business, I wanted a name that was going to stand out, but had a sense of humour attached to it. The beauty industry can be so serious and I wanted to go against the grain in everything I did. The name, the treatments that we specialise in, and the décor.

So originally with this in mind, I wanted the name ‘Muffs and Mooeys’, as we specialise is intimate and facial waxing with hot wax.
However, knowing where I wanted the salons, I didn’t think this name would go down too well. So then when I looked into just having Mooeys, and I found that in the urban dictionary, it means ‘Vagina’, and in Cockney rhyming slang, it means ‘Face’. So, I kind of got my original name, but without actually saying it directly.

Combine this with the fact that my Nan (pictured with me and my amazing sis) called ladies top lips, their Mooeys, and it all just seemed perfect.
I then combined the cows because it all linked in, and people couldn’t be offended if they thought I was just obsessed with cows.

So, there we have it…that is how the name Mooeys came about!

Mooeys is all about humour, fun and offering excellent service, in a down to earth environment.

I am extremely passionate about service and offering somewhere that people feel comfortable, no matter who they are and what their background is. I wanted somewhere that I would want to go, somewhere that people could go and be part of something. A place to form friendships, or just make a connection with others, and be part of a community.
I really wanted an environment that people wanted to hang out in, rather than just coming because they have to get their waxing or nails done. I really feel that we have managed to achieve this in all 3 salons, and am very excited about being able to replicate this in other locations with the franchise opportunity.
This will always be my focus and priority in business, and when you combine this with having the best bunch of Moos I could ever ask for, I really feel like the luckiest Head Wench, and am very very proud of my herd!

I really hope that you enjoy your visits to Mooeys, and love it as much as I do.


Aka, Head Wench