We’re all about flaunting those fabulous nails, but let’s talk about something equally important: nail health. At Mooeys, we’re not just in the business of making your nails look stunning; we’re committed to keeping them healthy too!

You should have heard about our 2-3 week infill rule before, but do you know why it’s so crucial? Well, here’s the real reason behind it!

First things first, what’s an infill? Think of it as a little TLC session for your nails. Whether you’ve got overlays or extensions, an infill is like a refresh button for your nails. Here’s why we recommend getting one every 2-3 weeks.

Greenies: Ever spotted a hint of green under your nails and thought, “Yikes!”? Those pesky little greenies are a sign of bacterial or fungal infection, and they love nothing more than moist, trapped spaces. Regular infills ensure that there are no gaps or lifting between your natural nails and the overlays/extensions, keeping moisture out and those greenies at bay.

Fungal infections: Are no joke, and unfortunately, nails can be a perfect home for them if not properly maintained. By getting infills every few weeks, you’re not giving fungi a chance to settle in and wreak havoc. Plus, our experienced therapists always ensure impeccable hygiene practices to keep those nasties away.

Maintaining your nails: Your nails deserve to look and feel their best, and regular infills help maintain their integrity. Over time, overlays and extensions can put pressure on your natural nails, leading to breakage or damage if not attended to.

Longer Lasting Nails: Let’s be honest; we all want our nails to last as long as possible, right? I was also guilty of trying to eek out my overlays to 3-4 weeks. I think this probably comes from the mindset of having acrylics in the past as they were near industructable! Also because the overlays and extensions now are SO good they often still look pretty good! Adding that extra week on is when lifting is most likely to occur putting you more at risk of greenies or fungal infections. Regular infills not only keep your nails healthy but will also help your gorgeous nails stay intact for longer.

So, there you have it! Infills aren’t just about maintaining the appearance of your nails; they’re about safeguarding the health and beauty of your nails. At Mooeys, we’re all about empowering and educating so you feel confident and fabulous, from tips to toes.

Next time you’re due for an infill, don’t wait! Your nails will thank you for it!


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